What happened to Taylor Swift?
What happened to Taylor Swift?

Disappeared from social networks and public life, behind Taylor Swift's absence from the scene it seems that there is simply a new album coming

What happened to Taylor Swift? The singer has been losing her tracks for a few months and if we were used to following her through the shots of the paparazzi and the updates that she herself published on social media, now knowing something about her seems to have become an impossible challenge.

On social media he publishes little or nothing, mostly institutional images of concerts, the launch of the collaboration with Zayn Malik for the soundtrack of "Fifty Shades of Black", some old photos used to wish birthday greetings to various famous friends.

For the rest, nothing. No more parties, selfies with models, red carpets, evenings at home with cats, nothing.

And her absence did not go unnoticed either at the last Met Gala, where she had been the protagonist in recent years.

A rumor, however, begins to get insistent, and concerns a new album coming.


According to some rumors, net of the conspiracy theories that want her to be silent after the quarrel with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and those who think that the disappearance is related to the end of the last love story, the singer would actually be closed in the studio in Nashville to prepare the new album.

"She's been working on it night and day for months and she's completely focused on that," some sources say.

In addition, on the twitter page of an account that deals with pop music, the photo you see above has appeared, quickly removed, in which appears a gigantic gear (of a clock?) Which, according to the caption, would be part of the new video. of the singer.

On the other hand, there were also those who claimed that the story with Tom Hiddleston was actually a play for the making of a music video.

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