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Colored lipstick: the shades of tenence for S / S 2017
Colored lipstick: the shades of tenence for S / S 2017

If the summer is a hymn to minimal make-up, in full light and with an accent on color, brightly colored lipsticks are the must-have for the makeup of the moment. We present the hottest shades

The colorful lipstick is a must for Spring - Summer 2017: it gives personality to the make-up, enhancing the mouth and giving light to the whole face.

Protagonist of the fashion shows and backstage, the make-up artists have recognized him a leading role, coordinating it with the outfits or choosing contrasting colors to create a pop of color on the face.

Not just the classic red lipstickThe queen shade of lip make-up is chosen in the brightest versions, from Cherry to the Strawberry untilampone and al coral. Maximum creativity also for the finish, which leaves room for both matte and ultra-glossy glass-effect versions.

Varieties are also in trend primary orange in a matte version, beautiful on slightly tanned skin, like cold ones, from fuchsia to the wisteria.

Who is it good for?

A colored flash on the lips gives everyone. The only rule is to carefully choose a shade that coordinates with your complexion color and eye makeup.

The pale pink complexions and those olive they will have to prefer cold dominant lipsticks, with blue undertones. Or coral nuance which will create a very bright contrast. Also beautiful and original pastel shades, to be preferred in matte versions.

For the warmer skins, instead, green light to the reds inspired by summer fruits but also brick And peach pink.

Find the right colored lipstick for you in our gallery!

Colored lipstick: the must-have shades

Intense, lively, satin and characterized by cold undertones. The combination with nude and glowing makeup is beautiful, with eyes highlighted by the flesh-pink pencil applied inside the lower lash line.
This hyper-bright shade of red seems inspired by the sweet pulp of watermelon. Refined with nude make-up that enhances eyes made up in a romantic pink palette.
A cold and intense nuance with a matte finish, applied by blending it along the lip contour. Perfect for fresh, wearable and impactful makeup, even during the day.
Glossy and intense like the peel of cherries, the hyper pigmented red gloss and glossy glass effect. Reminiscent of the 80s, especially when paired with deep pink eye and cheekbone makeup that blends into the temples.
A shiny veil enhances the pure color of the red lipstick, the only color point of the all-glow make-up with eyes enhanced by nude shades in pink. Gives all complexions.
Lips matched to the top that enhance the splendor of the face illuminated by the bronzer. It gives to blondes but also to brunettes and brunettes, especially when the skin is slightly tanned.
Intense and warm color, harmonized with the eyes outlined with golden powder. Ideal on blackberries, for an original beauty look with a Mediterranean flavor.
Ombré lips in full color and hyper feminine with shades of red lighter in the center and darker along the edges.
A warm nuance to dress the lips in color, enhancing the olive or tanned complexion. We like the combination with accessories: macro earrings and scarves.
Ultra matte finish and color contrasts for this make-up that focuses all on the mouth. Lips are the only accent of nude face makeup.
An all-light and decidedly innovative lip make-up: matte lips, in a lively point of orange, and lip contour with golden glows. Perfect for enhancing light colors.
This make-up idea that chooses a flaming and slightly translucent lipstick or the more tender lilac with a matte finish interprets the harmonious contrast that comes from the combination of purple and red.
Mouth in matte shocking pink: a bold color accent for this make-up idea that particularly suits browns and brunettes with light eyes.
A feminine and decisive nuance for this intense pink that illuminates the lips like a flash of light. Particularly effective on darker complexions.

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