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Seven remedies for mood swings
Seven remedies for mood swings

Are you happy one minute and angry the next? Here is where the mood swings come from and what are the remedies to not suffer from them anymore

The mood swings are typical phenomena especially of the female gender.

Who has never experienced the feeling of being serene and peaceful only to meet again angry for no apparent reason shortly after?

Often, in addition to the dancing mood, other disorders may occur such as lack of concentration, decreased sexual desire and energy.

Most of the time, these phenomena could occur in the premenstrual period, in pregnancy, in the days following childbirth or in the period of menopause.

But that's not all, unfortunately

The reason is always the same: occur hormonal changes that change the mood by generating continuos swings to our emotions.

It is therefore important to find gods remedies that help us fight these mood swings which often have the power to ruin our day.

We give you seven in the gallery.

Remedies for mood swings

Two squares of extra dark chocolate are good for your health. In fact, chocolate, in addition to being a pleasure for the palate, contains serotonin or the mood hormone that will promote your well-being will help you be happier.
Good hydration (about 2 liters of water per day) will help you reduce stress, take care of your skin and increase your energy. The mood, as a result, will tend to stabilize.
Playing sports or even just a walk stimulates the production of serotonin, will release tension and allow you to feel more in a good mood.
If you notice that it is a period of continuous mood swings, try to regulate the hours of sleep as much as possible. This means, for example, going to sleep and always waking up at the same time to regulate the period in which your brain deserves to rest.
A hug lasting at least 30 seconds releases a substance called oxytocin which is responsible for raising mood and promoting positivity.
Yes, you got it right, to reduce mood swings, expose yourself to the sun. In fact, sunlight accustoms the body to hormonal hyperstimulation. Consequently, the body and mind will get used to the hormonal changes until they are no longer affected by the effects.
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It is an element with multiple properties, among which we also find that of fighting mood swings. Its main function is to reduce the excess of adrenaline and regulate the functions of the hypothalamus, a part that is dedicated to controlling non-voluntary functions such as mood swings. You can find it in many foods (such as almonds) or you can take special supplements.

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