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Colorful eye make-up: the most beautiful ideas from the fashion shows
Colorful eye make-up: the most beautiful ideas from the fashion shows

A color look is the hottest trend to try: discover the most up-to-date colors and how to wear them

The colorful eye makeup is the protagonist of the season. From strong color block, characterized by clear and decisive features that create a graphic effect on the look, at metallic versions and sparkling until pastel shades coordinated or in stark contrast to the outfits.

Who is it good for

The colored eye make-up can give everyone, if chosen in harmony with their colors and their features. If you have the dark eyes, the mono-tonal choice in strong colors such as orange, turquoise or fuchsia wins, to be applied with clean and essential lines. This will create striking contrasts with the iris and a very contemporary beauty look. Pop and summery the version with colored mascara in a nuance complementary to the eyeshadow. If, on the other hand, you want to enhance your romantic streak, opt for powder eyeshadows with cold pastel shades: blend them all over the mobile eyelid up to the eyebrow arch. For the light eyes both cold colors, such as pinks and blues, and more acidic and fluorescent ones, from yellows to greens, which will make the iris shine, while lilac or light blue powders will give an ethereal look, in the style of the 70s. all, instead, to try the color in the metallic version, which will light up the gaze on the most special occasions.

Mixed colors

Dedicated to those who love to dare and the most skilled at creating more complex eye make-up, the multicolored versions play on contrasts and on the complementary color combination: try the more extreme and shaded cat eyes or in the rainbow version. Or mix metallic finish pencils in different shades to define the lower and upper lash lines.

Get inspired by the all-colored beautiy looks we have selected for you.

Colored eye make-up: from color block in pop shades to pastel shades

A sweet and intense shade like candy that instantly illuminates blue eyes. We like the hyper nuanced application.
Not the usual make-up: the look is highlighted by the imperfect stripes of color drawn on the side of the eyes. Perfect with short bleached hair.
Sky blue color, in a rich and slightly sticky texture, applied like a cat eye and then blended with your fingers to soften the contours. Create a special light in the blue irises.
The pastel color is applied along the upper and lower lines of the eye and then faded, creating a halo of ethereal color in a romantic 70s style.
The matte color line takes up the nuance of a citrus fruit and outlines the natural curve of the eyelid. Perfect with a deluxe sport-inspired look.
Strong contrasting colors, which reflect the nuances of the outfit and are inspired by the world of sport.
Futuristic look for the look in this acid shade that enhances a technical outfit. Perfect match with bleached hair.
The medium stroke of the blue pencil, which takes up the color of the shirt, highlights the shape and the warm color of the eyes. We like the combination with nude makeup and wet cheekbone highlights.
A line of orange pigment applied as a line of highlighter enhances the hazel iris. It takes up the colorful element of the polo and creates an accent on the x-large earrings. Make it even more wearable with an eyeliner in the same shade.
The blue eyeliner, applied in a thick line with an extreme flick, enhances the black of the iris and hair, as well as enhancing the sharp lines of the bob. Try it in a more subtle graphic version, paired with a primary color look.
A perfect combination to enhance intense brown colors, giving it a burst of liveliness and freshness.
This eye make-up in a vibrant shade, between pink and red, is applied with a thick and essential line, which follows the crease of the eyelid. Enhances and intensifies the green iris.
A touch with a pop and unexpected style: the yellow eyeshadow applied on the mobile eyelid and up to the eyebrows lights up blue eyes and gives a decisive look.
The lively brushstroke contrasts with the nude make-up and creates a strong accent on the blue look.
A chromatic choice that incorporates the color nuances of t-shirts and accessories. In order not to make your eyes lose shades when you choose a very light shade, especially if the irises are blue, make up your lashes with several coats of black mascara.
This beauty look with great personality chooses a turquoise eyeshadow with a metallic finish combined with glossy brick-colored lipstick: perfect on light eyes and copper hair.
An eye make-up dedicated to the most daring pros: the look is outlined and lengthened with a thin line of black eyeliner, on which a blue feline silhouette is painted.
An original and impressive idea is the combination of the two acid shades blended together and applied on the entire eyelid. The look does not lose depth thanks to the line of turquoise pencil with a metallic finish that outlines the lower lash line.
Pop color lines, with a metallic finish, give this cat eye a hyper modern and very bright look, enhanced by glossy lips.

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