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Chanel Cruise Collection 2018: the beauty look
Chanel Cruise Collection 2018: the beauty look

Atmospheres from ancient Greece for the Chanel Cruise 2017-18 collection. Discover with us the make-up created for the fashion show

The collection Chanel Cruise 2017-18 it is a hymn to the beauty and culture of Ancient Greece. For the occasion, the Grand Palais in Paris has turned into a kind of time in ruins. "The Modernity of Antiquity" is the title of the fashion show: the past becomes present with the models parading like vestals between columns and capitals.

Precious accessories in the collected hair enrich the goddess look, made of peplum dresses, slave sandals and accessories that will become a must.

The make-up focuses entirely on the look by emphasizing the shape of the eye. The star product is the eyeliner for a cat eye make up. The complexion is slightly bonne mine, while the lips are colored with a peach pink lipstick with a creamy finish.

Browse the gallery and discover the beauty backstage with us.

Chanel Cruise Collection 2017-18: the beauty backstage

The eyeliner is applied along the lower line.
Graphic eye makeup is one of the trends of 2017.

Credit ph: 2017-18 Cruise Show Beauty Backstage Makeup CHANEL © CHANEL 2017 Photos BenoĆ®t Peverelli

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