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The wrong lessons we learned from our favorite movies
The wrong lessons we learned from our favorite movies

Beautiful are beautiful, but it is undeniable that our favorite films have subtly imparted completely wrong life lessons to us: here are the ones.

Take your favorite movies, those classic and harmless chick flicks that you have seen at least ten times without ever getting bored: you are sure that, behind the funny and light story and the guaranteed happy ending, there are no wrong life lessons?

It is not a question of being conspirators, but it is undeniable that - if you look at a distance of time and with a slightly more critical eye - certain stories hide morals that are not exactly shareable or rewards towards the female gender.

Far from criticizing milestones like Pretty Woman, Girls in Beverly Hills or Mean Girls, just to name a few, browse the gallery to understand that, sometimes, it's really true that the roads to hell are paved with very good intentions.

Wrong life lessons from movies

1_Il Diavolo Veste Prada
It is one of the many underlying morals of The Devil Wears Prada: when Andy begins his personal climb to success within Runaway, his relationship with Nate begins to fall apart, because he feels left out and little considered. Why are men in these cases much less understanding than women, when they are on the other side? Is it really that wrong to want to pursue a dream and make a career?
2_Cinquanta Sfumature di Grigio
According to Fifty Shades of Gray, Christian Gray's little fixation with control is far from being a problem. Book and film almost made it seem romantic that the handsome protagonist should have full dominion over Anastasia's life, pretending to know every minute where and with whom he was, otherwise he would have epic outbursts. Since when has expert stalker behavior become synonymous with love and passion?
3_Pretty Woman
Oprah Winfrey must have thought that too, when in a Zurich boutique she was refused a bag because - according to what was told - she had entered the shop wearing a simple (and perhaps sloppy?) Overalls. Perhaps the offending saleswoman had seen Pretty Woman too many times, and was so self-convinced that judging people and their economic possibilities based on the outfit they wore was the practice. Fortunately, nothing could be more wrong: everyone deserves respect, everywhere, regardless of their clothes.
4_Ragazze a Beverly Hills
All blondes loved Cher Horowitz of Girls in Beverly Hills, and the importance of this film is not in the least questioned. What is perplexing is rather why Cher has to pretend to be stupid and superficial - when in reality she is not at all - in order to increase her popularity: are we really sure we can't do better?
5_Ricatto d’amore
This seems to be the life lesson of Blackmail of Love, the film that made Ryan Reynolds jump to the headlines. Aside from this undeniable merit, the film depicts a successful woman who is faced with a difficult situation, and as a good manager hardened by life, she retains her stainless acidity until she meets the man of dreams who will change her destiny and it will lead her towards a very obvious happy ending. But now tell us something we don't know yet.
6_La Rivincita delle Bionde
Elle Woods from La Revincita delle Bionde is young, spoiled, very blonde and seems to have no other interests besides reading Cosmpolitan, shopping and her chihuahua: because she will show that she is much more than all this just to win back her (ex) fiancé? Does a man's heart necessarily have to be at stake to get out of a world of superficiality and frivolity?
7_What Women Want
Or, at least, this seems to be the final message of What Women Want - What women want: a bit reductive, don't you think?
8_Mean Girls
According to Mean Girls, women have but one goal: to ruin their lives in an attempt to prevail over each other. Sure, the finale then drastically overturns this apocalyptic vision of the female sex, showing how beautiful and reassuring it can be to support each other, but until then… God forbid!
Unfortunately, this belief has been corroborated by films like Grease, in which the protagonist Sandy, as a decent, smart, kind and a little naive girl, literally transforms herself into everything that is not only to be accepted by her group of friends. and to please the bad boy on duty. On a hypothetical scale that calculates the wrong messages going from one to ten, here we fear it would splash well over twenty.
10_Proposta Indecente
No, we're not talking about Viola Valentino's hit, but Indecent Proposal, one of the films that perhaps most of all contributed to devaluing women and their self-esteem. Reduced to an object, the protagonist Diana has made her personal mantra of "common sickness, half joy", and has deluded millions of women that the horns were justifiable by virtue of that famous "If you love a person, leave her free: if it will come back to you, it will be yours forever, if it does not, it is because it has never been yours. " Phrase that, quite frankly, did much more damage than mid-calf pants.

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