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The secret rooms of Buckingham Palace
The secret rooms of Buckingham Palace

ATM in the basement, cinema and post office. But also a coffee shop, a lot of technology and at least two… ghosts. Here are all the secrets of the residence of the Queen of England

Of the 775 rooms of Buckingham Palace there are only 19 open to the public, but, not surprisingly, it is the remaining ones that are most intriguing because they are shrouded in an aura of mystery.

While the royals of England often leak indiscretions and sides of their unexpectedly "human" character, little is still known about the rooms reserved for the family and the treasures kept inside for nearly 400 years.

However, what we know is so fascinating that it deserves to be shared and disseminated: did you know, for example, that the building is a real miniature city equipped with all kinds of urban services including an ATM and that it is haunted by at least two ghosts?

Make yourself comfortable and read in one breath: we have collected for you the most succulent court rumors relating to the royal chambers, the number of bathrooms included and the ingenious cleaning systems that everyone would like at home!

The secret rooms of Buckingham Palace

New Image Of The Queen By Mary McCartney Released
There are 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace, although the residential rooms in which Queen Elizabeth II lived all her life are condensed into a particular smaller wing of the palace. If you are in London, however, you can take a tour of 19 rooms, the ones where official events and ceremonies are held.
Buckingham Palace Exhibition To Celebrate The 60th Anniversary Of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation
With 78 bathrooms, 52 regal bedrooms for guests and 188 for staff, the palace would be the envy of the largest resorts. As for Elizabeth and Philip, they seem to keep the bedrooms separate (due, they say, to the unusual habit of the Duke of Edinburgh who loves to sleep with the windows open even in the middle of winter).
The Queen And Prince Phillip Award The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes
With residences scattered throughout England and numerous annual commitments, the queen has her work cut out, but living alone in the Palace without ever setting foot outside would be possible for her. Buckingham Palace is in fact a miniature city, equipped with a swimming pool, a chapel, a cinema, a post office, a medical office equipped for surgery, a cinema and even a personal cafeteria. But that's not all
Buckingham Palace Faces ?150 Million Of Repairs
In the last 65 years, the queen has in fact made numerous ingenious interventions, as in 2001, when she had an ATM installed in the cellar reserved for royalty. We doubt it will serve to pay some last-minute bills, but we imagine it has a certain effect having to do with banknotes that bear his face.
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Also in the cellar is his private collection: a riot of art from the 1700s in which Canaletto's masterpieces and thousands of other pieces acquired over the years stand out. Of these, only 450 are visible to the public in the Galleria della Regina, the rest are top secret to mere mortals
A Royal Welcome Exhibition Opens At Buckingham Palace
The largest room in the building? The ballroom: 36.6 meters long by 18 meters wide and 13.5 meters high.
The Ballroom of Buckingham Palace set up
In the Throne Room there are two large monogrammed armchairs designated for the queen and her husband which are supposed to serve as welcome seats to the royals. In reality the queen sat in that chair only once, during her coronation in 1953.u2028
The Ballroom of Buckingham Palace set up
The chandeliers in the royal halls are beautiful, but how are they cleaned? It seems that George IV employed 30 people just to keep the candles lit before the electricity came, but today, as revealed by a BBC documentary, the chandeliers can be lowered with a remote control: you know what a struggle for the cleaners otherwise. ? u2028
Preparations Begin On The Stands That Will Hold Members Of The Press During The Royal Wedding
With its 39 hectares of extension, four Wembley stadiums or 30 American football fields could be built in the Queen's garden. This corner of paradise is home to 25 different varieties of roses (including one created in honor of the Duke of Cambridge called the Royal William) as well as bees, many bees, whose hives are located on an artificial lake of 3 hectares in the courtyard. Organic honey for everyone in the palace! U2028
Finally, the less fearful will love knowing that Buckingham Palace is also haunted by spirits. In particular, the ghost of a monk, who died in a cell in what was previously a monastery located in the place of the palace and which is said to wander terrorizing the terrace at night and the spirit of Major John Gwynne, secretary of King Edward VII, who committed suicide with a gunshot after causing a scandal by divorcing his wife. Those around there say they sometimes hear a single gunshot from their former office. Terrifying!

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