Gioseppo unveils the new shoe collection for SS 2017
Gioseppo unveils the new shoe collection for SS 2017

The shoe brand with a sparkling soul, born in Spain in 1991, presents the new line of women's shoes with testimonial Elsa Pataky

Easy-chic flavor, bohemian allure, futuristic notes. It is a triumph of prints and colors, intense and lively.

The new shoe collection for the Spring-Summer 2017 of the Spanish footwear brand Gioseppo draws on the Mediterranean spirit and its beauty, plays irreverently with contrasts, of style and colors. And there is a storm of precious, ethnic and pop applications.

Multicolor crystals and stones shine on flat slippers with an elegant line. The marine-inspired details intersect and blend harmoniously with touches of silver and pompoms on multi-strap sandals.

Tassels, fringes and paisley prints pop up on gladiator-inspired espadrilles with laces that wrap from the ankle to the knee. Delicate animalier patterns dress slippers that look like they have just come out of a Moroccan suok. And then there are the sequins that illuminate even the simplest sneakers, the charms on the flip-flops that create movement with every step, the optical effects on the high sandals with natural wood heels.

Even the Texan-style ankle boots bear the unmistakable signature of a brand with a lively, fresh and spirited soul.


The whole is the materialization of an energy, the one that has always prevailed at the top of Gioseppo, a shoe factory born in 1991 as a family project of the Navarro-Pertusa, who with enthusiasm and ambition transformed it into a company with a team of 150 employees and a production of over 3 million shoes a year, for him and for her, for young and old.

26 years after his birth Gioseppo it still keeps intact the polish, the positivity and the international vocation of the past which are still summarized in 4 words: 'Have a nice day!', a leitmotiv always present next to the label, on the signs of its single-brand stores scattered throughout the world.


The Spanish actress fully embraces the values ​​of the company Elsa Pataky, already brand ambassador and testimonial of the new woman campaign for the next hot season.

Charismatic like Gioseppo, sunny, carefree, sensitive to the environment and with a strong sense of family, Elsa posed in front of the photographer's lens Xavi Gordo wearing the must haves of Spring-Summer 2017, against the backdrop of an island, Formentera, enchanted, wild and deeply beautiful in its nature.

Browse the gallery, let yourself be overwhelmed by the radiant and brilliant soul of Gioseppo. And bring color and joy to your shoe rack in the summer!


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