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Angelina Jolie make up: beauty looks to be inspired by
Angelina Jolie make up: beauty looks to be inspired by

Angelina Jolie loves simple beauty looks but capable of enhancing her beauty. We have selected the best

Angelina Jolie love the nude make up. In her long career, her signature beauty look has never changed: long lashes, black eyeliner and nude lips. With some variations, such as, for example, red lipstick or eye makeup that deepens the look.

It takes very little to highlight its undoubted beauty: if the eyes are its strong point, the same can be said of the full lips. Finally, her complexion allows her to wander with colors, despite the fact that she loves one minimal style.

We have selected for you some of the more beautiful make-up by Angelina Jolie to inspire you. Browse the gallery and find the beauty look that's right for you.

Angelina Jolie makeup: beauty looks to be inspired by

angelina jolie make up (2)
The lips colored with a creamy red combined with a thin line of black eyeliner represent a combination of elegance.
angelina jolie make up (3)
If you love soft make-up, but you want a beauty look that does not go unnoticed, copy this Angelina make-up that colors the eyelids with a dark gray smokey eyes while the lips are brushed with a transparent gloss.
angelina jolie make up (4)
Nude make-up with a glowing finish. The important thing is to work on the base with a uniforming primer, a bright foundation and a light contouring.
angelina jolie make up (5)
Two-tone lip makeup for a glossy finish: the central part is colored with a lighter gloss than the deep red lipstick. The rest of the make-up is minimal.
angelina jolie make up (6)
A perfect beauty look for the day: on her lips Angelina has applied a shimmer pink lipstick while a line of eyeliner or a black pencil is sufficient along the upper rim.
angelina jolie make up (7)
Angelina Jolie's signature beauty look: hydrated pink lips, a lightly shaded black pencil on the eyes and an even complexion.
angelina jolie make up (8)
The same beauty look can be transformed into a glam make-up for the evening. Like? Highlighting the eye contour and blending the black pencil to give intensity to the look.
angelina jolie make up (10)
Never without a stroke of mascara that separates and lengthens the lashes.
angelina jolie make up (11)
Another winning combination: extra long lashes (to replicate, use a pair of fake lashes) and super shiny nude gloss.
angelina jolie make up (12)
And for the red carpet, eye makeup is emphasized on the outermost part to deepen the look.
angelina jolie make up (13)
An eye make-up in champagne, brown and black shades gives greater importance to the look.
angelina jolie make up (14)
No make up make up: the finish on lips and face is opaque.

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