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Reactive and sensitive skin: how to take care of it
Reactive and sensitive skin: how to take care of it

What does reactive or sensitive skin look like and what is the right beauty routine to treat it best with the best soothing products

Reactive and sensitive skin: characteristics and causes

There reactive skin, or sensitive if you prefer, it is particularly subject to the aggression of external agents. The manifestations are many, ranging fromredness the sensation of skin that "pulls", itches or burns. The reaction can occur in the event of sudden changes in temperature, wind, pollution or when the skin comes into contact with some poorly tolerated substances.

Reactive and sensitive skin: soothing products for delicate skin

A skin like this fragile and hypersensitive needs a beauty routine with ad hoc products, with an effect calming And soothing, free from aggressive ingredients.

The phase of cleansing, during which it is necessary to focus on cleansing oils and products that do not alter the pH and the hydrolipidic film.

L'hydration is critical. Choose serums and creams with active ingredients antioxidants and restorative to strengthen the skin's defenses, with a light and comfortable texture. Like SOS treatments apply masks and boosters specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

The best soothing products for reactive and sensitive skin

A calming and soothing "anti-stress" effect for sensitive skin with a tendency to dehydrate.
Calming cream-mask, with the Tri-Molecular® complex and stem cells from raspberry leaves to aid cell repair.
Day cream for the most delicate skin prone to redness, with a complex of probiotics and oil free.
ren skincare
Formula based on vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids to increase the resistance and regeneration capacity of reactive skin.
A formula with vectorized microcollagen, magnesium, vitamin B3 and E to offer a soothing SOS treatment and anti-aging protection.
High-tech face booster with a biotechnological complex, formulated to visibly reduce the signs of irritated and red skin.
A cleansing oil with a delicate formula without aggressive surfactants, also suitable for atopic-prone skin.
Barrier cream to repair and protect skin subjected to external aggressions from irritation.

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