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How to pack the perfect hand luggage
How to pack the perfect hand luggage

Clothes, documents, essentials: here's what to put in the trolley (or bag) for the perfect hand luggage

Prepare the hand luggage it is a matter of organization that should not be underestimated.

By its very nature it must be built in such a way satisfy two principles: contain everything you will need during the trip ed be easy to handle, not just for the Weight Limit imposed by airlines, but for pure and simple practicality.

If you go on a weekend you can put everything in there, aiming to condense everything you need for the holiday into a small space. And it takes a lot of practical sense to do that.

If instead the journey it is long and also needs a hold baggage, hand luggage it must become a travel bag at the same time a survival kit for a possible day without the suitcase.

For both occasions, here it is how to make a perfect one.

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What to put in your hand luggage when traveling

bagaglio a mano vestiti
If you are only away for a weekend, clothes will take up most of your luggage, but try not to overdo it or you will end up with useless garments that will only steal space from the rest. The advice is to already mentally create the outfits for day and evening, perhaps with some interchangeable jolly garments, in order to bring only the necessary. If, on the other hand, you are leaving for the holidays with a suitcase full of clothes in the hold, remember to put at least one t-shirt, trousers, a pair of shoes and a change of underwear in the carry-on, just as an emergency in case they lose the suitcase. embarked.
passaporto viaggio
Whatever your destination, remember to put in a clutch bag or mini bag to keep at hand the bare essentials for the trip in terms of money, documents, credit cards, mobile phones, keys, handkerchiefs and everything that you would normally carry in your bag.
liquidi bagaglio a mano
The restrictions for liquids have been the same since 2001, but there are still those who forget the classic bottle of water in the bag or the family-sized bottle of cleansing milk. In order not to arrive unprepared, stock up at the supermarket with mini toothpaste, mini face cream and everything else you might need. Or at least make sure the products you already have don't exceed 100ml each (and liter in total). They fall into the category: deodorant, perfume, make-up removers, tonics, toothpaste, various creams, lip glosses, liquid soaps and mascara. Then put everything in a transparent bag.
accessori bagaglio mano
We are a generation that is always, perpetually hyper-connected. The plane is the only place (for a short while) where you can switch off, but you can't forget some essential items to get back to being social during your trip. This is the part dedicated to technology, especially accessories: phone, tablet, computer charger, headphones, camera (with relative batteries).
bagaglio a mano accessori
If you have the luck to be among those who fall asleep on take-off and wake up on landing, even in transoceanic flights, good for you. For everyone else, it is always best to bring something with you to distract yourself, whether the trip is short or long. Remember to bring a book or magazine with you or to download some episode of your favorite TV series on your computer or ipad. If you are about to go on a road trip you could take advantage of the flight to organize some stops and then remember a notebook and a pen for notes and the guide of the place to visit.
bagaglio a mano snack
By plane, you know, food is what it is and, above all, it costs a fortune. In your ideal luggage, therefore, it would be good to remember to put something to eat that will satisfy you and make you last until your arrival (in the case of a short distance trip).
valigia computer
PCs and tablets are certainly a considerable burden to carry in hand luggage, but you certainly don't want to risk finding them tossed all over the hold baggage, with the risk of them being damaged or (in some rare cases) stolen. Better to take them with you, evaluating the space in your hand luggage in advance and putting them in a compartment where it is easy to take them out for security checks and during the flight, such as a pocket on the front.
kit emergenza medicine
Doing the due spells, it is always better to have some medicines behind you just in case. You will not have to carry whole packs, single tablets are enough to face the emergency, even on the other side of the world there are pharmacies for any supplies. It is better to always have wet wipes, sanitizing gel, patches, something for headaches and various pains, antidiarrheal, antistamic.

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