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Gloss: the illuminating make-up trend
Gloss: the illuminating make-up trend

The face lights up with points of light with the use of gloss. The protagonist is not only the lips but also the eyes and face. Discover this beauty trend in the backstage images.

The gloss becomes the new highlighter: the most current make-up trend sees it as the protagonist not only on the lips, but also on the eyelids and on the face, to give points of light with a wet effect, perfect for the summer.

In line with the makeup trend that sees a great return to the style of the 80s and 90s, the use of products with a glossy finish is updated both by the very soft, melting and non-sticky formulas, and by the application techniques.

In the Spring / Summer 2017 fashion shows backstage we saw the transparent gloss conquer the nude-colored mouths, to which it gives volume and a touch of freshness. In the colored versions, from pale pink to peach to cherry red, it gives a touch of hyper bright and bold color.

Applied on old pink eyeshadows gives naked eyelids an unprecedented splendor that enhances the natural shine of the iris, creating an original focus on the gaze.

Used as a highliter on the volumes of the face or spread on the skin of the face, finally, it creates a shiny complexion with a wet mermaid effect or reproduces a light glowing humidity that softly reflects the light.

Discover the trend in our gallery and get inspired for a simple but effective make-up.

Glossy make up: the illuminating makeup trend of the moment

Lip Gloss with a lip balm effect for moisturized and luminous lips, perfect for all-glow make-up.
Simple and hyper feminine, the transparent and non-sticky lip gloss applied to the lips to complete the nude make-up with a touch of light.
Romantic make-up, in shades of pink, completed by glossy lips that give a feminine touch to the look, enhancing the volume of the mouth.
A nude make-up that is the quintessence of simplicity: perfect complexion, peach-colored cheeks and mouth illuminated by the hyper-glossy gloss that enhances its shape and volume, giving light to the whole face.
glossy-makeup-pe2017_Ermanno-Scervino_bst_W_S17_MI_025_2525353 copy
Emphasis on lips and their natural beauty: the natural turgone is enhanced by the gloss that keeps them hydrated and combines perfectly with nude makeup in shades of pink.
Perfect complexion, nude make-up and luminous lips: simple but timelessly classy.
An example of how the gloss can become sophisticated and elegant: the matte base and the nude eye make-up are perfectly balanced and enhanced by the very bright mouth, whose volume is enhanced by the super glossy finish.
Glossy lips that create a perfect balance with feline smokey eyes, softening the look.
The nude make-up and the contemporary romantic look, with floral patterns, are enhanced by the touch of gloss that illuminates the lips with a soft pink veil.
A beauty look that plays on almost imperceptible pink accents: from the brushstroke of color on the hair to the blush to the flower petal effect lips, enhanced by the glossy finish.
Glossy lips with a ton-sur-ton effect that subtly complete the nude make-up.
The bright pink lip gloss leaves the sugary sensation of a lollipop on the lips, matching the teen-inspired beauty look.
The return of red gloss, an emblematic symbol of seduction, lightened by the essential make-up that plays on light strobing effects.
A hymn to the 80s this make-up that combines cherry red lips with an ultra glossy finish and blush applied on the side of the temples, eyes and cheekbones.
A simple but effective make-up idea, which enhances the brightness of the eyes: just make a nude make-up with slightly pink eyeshadow on which to apply a veil of gloss, very shiny but not sticky.
Unusual use of gloss as a highlighter, applied on the eyelids and on the eye junction area to create an unexpected light effect.
Face and body with a siren effect: to obtain it, a very light dry oil is applied without allowing it to be totally absorbed.
Glossy all-over for this nude wet effect make-up.

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