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Why you should stop doing the right things (and start doing the good ones)
Why you should stop doing the right things (and start doing the good ones)

Doing the right thing is not always the choice that allows us to be happy: we give you four good reasons to stop thinking about what is right and what is wrong and start doing beautiful things above all.

From an early age, our parents taught us to do the right thing, to stay within the rules and to respect the concepts of right and wrong.

This teaching serves a protect children from the dangers and to free them from the burden of having to decide things that they are not yet able to understand.

Growing up (Fortunately) Things change: the thoughts we have always had change, ideal certainties collapse, often untrue, and experience becomes our only guide.

This natural process happens because there is never one right and another wrong.

Everything is subjective and depends on everyone's perceptions, on what makes us feel good and on what we believe can generate positivity in us and around us.

We give you four good reasons why you should stop doing only the right things right away and start making (especially) good ones.


You will feel free

Doing (only) the things that society deems right, it will not lead you to be your own boss. Each of us has different inclinations and preferences that can never be homologated to the mass.

For this reason it's time to choose freedom and to start doing good things (even if they are not right).


You will become effective

Doing nice and enjoyable things will take you to feel more effective and to increase love for yourself.

This is because you will hear of take the road that best represents you in the freedom of one's attitudes and passions.

Leave other people's judgments aside simply because the others are not you and therefore they will never be able to fully understand your choices.


You will take care of yourself

To do beautiful things but not necessarily right, there is no need to look for something striking.

It will be enough, for example, in a week full of stress, to leave aside a not too urgent job, for take care of your well-being.

You might read a book or devote yourself to the care of your body, it does not matter. The only important thing will be that of give yourself a moment for yourself without any sense of guilt.

To do the right things best, you have to start with beautiful things.


You can take your responsibilities

Starting to do beautiful things will take you to stop blaming others if something did not go well because you will know that you did it only because you wanted to and not because it was right to do it.

Take responsibility and stop empower others on your life, is the first step towards the achieving your goals.

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