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Brad Pitt buys a house for Angelina Jolie: this is how things really are
Brad Pitt buys a house for Angelina Jolie: this is how things really are

Brad Pitt buys Angelina Jolie's house and Los Feliz mansion is held: here are the details on the new divorce agreement and the background of the separation

Brad Pitt will buy Angelina Jolie's new home, as long as he can keep the Los Feliz mansion where they all lived together for himself.

The details of the new divorce settlement have been revealed by an insider and apparently the actor wants to remain in possession of the family home, the one in which he and Angelina were staying with their children before the cataclysm, to give some stability to the six boys and have a place where everyone can continue to stay and have fun.

Including Angelina. To which apparently there would be a bunch of keys left to be able to go there whenever he wants.

Not only that, just inform him of his arrival in time and he, if she requests it, will disappear.

The move is part of a new phase in the relationship between the two, who after an initial moment of war seem to have chosen the path of peace for the sake of their children.

In the gallery all the details and the latest updates emerged on the real reasons for the divorce.

The new agreements between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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According to what revealed by RadarOnline, the actor would have agreed to buy Angelina Jolie's new house, as long as he can keep the one in Los Feliz, where they were still a happy family. “He told her he wants that place for the kids, with the giant swimming pool and the skateboarding rink, it's the place he wants to keep for the family. He will never take anyone else there. '
  • The man of dreams Not only. According to the source, Brad would be willing to do anything for the sake of the children, even by stepping aside. "Now that calm has returned and there is no more bad blood, he gave Angie the keys and told her that she is welcome whenever she wants and that she will just have to call first if she doesn't want him at home while she is with the children. children,”concludes the insider.

  • For the sake of the children After Angelina Jolie's sudden divorce request, everything seemed to lead to a no-holds-barred legal and media battle. Especially after the accusation of ill-treatment against Brad, from which he was later acquitted. In recent times the waters have definitely calmed down and the two have decided to keep the strictest confidentiality to protect their six children. “They have made progress and are taking one step at a time in the right direction. They both want to put their kids first and that has made things better,”a source tells E! News.

  • The thousand flirts Ever since the two separated, they have been chasing constant gossip about Brad Pitt's possible new flames. The last concerns his relationship with Sienna Miller, interpreter of "The Lost City of Z" of which the sex symbol is the producer. Years ago, during the shooting of the film, there was talk of a liason, definitely denied by the actress. Even the most recent rumors, however, seem completely unfounded.

  • Angie's loves Similarly, in recent days some tabloids, headed by InTouch Weekly, had talked about a new love for the actress, a wealthy London philanthropist whose identity is unknown. The magazine's hypothesis is that Angelina wants to speed up the divorce proceedings in order to be able to remarry with the mysterious man, whom she met last year in London. Version, also this, rather far-fetched.

  • A couple like many others The truth is that the two are going through a difficult time for both, as is evident from the last appearances in which he had obviously lost weight and she was rather tried by the inevitable questions of the journalists. A divorce, however, that did not come like a bolt from the blue, as it seemed at first.

  • What really happened According to the revelations of E! Online, Brad and Angelina had already been in crisis for a few months before the famous fight on the plane: «Things had already been complicated for a while. They had furious arguments and did not speak to each other for days. They typically took some time apart, calmed down, and saw each other again when they missed each other again. No matter how bad it went, Brad would never leave, in his mind their lives were stressful because they were raising six children and things would be fine. Angelina, on the other hand, has been on the verge of divorce several times ».

  • The initial anger “Brad was shocked, he couldn't believe how his family could have been destroyed in such a short time. Both he and Angelina have always tried to keep their lives out of the spotlight for the sake of the boys. It was a fundamental thing for them, a value they both shared. This is why Angelina's move to take away her children and make everything so blatant was a declaration of war for him. They haven't spoken to each other for months. He was furious like never before. He was broken and he felt lost without his children. He wanted to protect them, but everything was discussed through the lawyers. '

  • Reconciliation It took months for the waters to calm down and the two to return to civil relations. The first moment of peace came during Angelina's trip to Cambodia to present her new film as a director. On that occasion, the actress spoke for the first time about the divorce, burying the hatchet declaring that she, Brad and the boys will always be a family. Only weeks later it turned out that the actor was there with them, even though he slept in a separate place.

  • Hope for a happy ending Many, given the latest developments, wonder if over time the two can not get back together, given the obvious alchemy that binds them, even if the same insider believes little in this hypothesis: «Brad is too disappointed. He can't forgive Angie for making it so public. He knows the best thing is to get along for the sake of the children, but he has been and still is sick, in a way he never thought possible. He has seen a different side of her that he cannot forget ». However, the same source admits that when dealing with Brad and Angelina you can "never say never".

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