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Copy Vanessa Hudgens' graphic eyeliner
Copy Vanessa Hudgens' graphic eyeliner

Vanessa Hudgens conquers the red carpet with a bright finish make-up with a focus on eyes and eyebrows. Find out how to recreate her beauty look

Young actress and singer, Vanessa Hudgens achieved success at age 18 playing Gabriella Montez in the film High School Musical. Film that saw her protagonist along with two other future stars of American cinema, Zack Efron and Ashley Tisdale.

With over 25 million followers on her Instagram account, the young Californian is also particularly appreciated for her look bohemian-chic, always with attention to the smallest details, combined with make up flawless, all to be copied.

We have selected for you a highlight of Vanessa's beauty look, thegraphic eyeliner. Browse the gallery and find out how to recreate it.

Vanessa Hudgens: here is the beauty look and the products to recreate it

Vanessa Hudgens is famous for her bohemian-chic look, always with attention to the smallest details. Find out how to recreate this bright and elegant beauty look. Credits Ph: Getty Images
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The first step for glowing skin is to apply a smoothing and brightening primer before the foundation. This allows for a natural glowy effect.
For a luminous and even complexion, choose a very moisturizing foundation with a glowy finish.
One of the main focuses of Vanessa Hudgens' beauty look is natural, thick and full brows. Recreate this look with a pigmented pencil with a thick lead.
The final touch for defined brows is a colored mascara, which increases their volume and keeps them tidy all day long.
The young actress shares this bright and glamorous beauty look with a snapshot on instagram. The absolute focus? The eyes, framed by thick eyebrows and a line of graphic eyeliner. Credits Ph: Instagram @vanessahudgens
To reproduce the makeup of Vanessa Hudgens, a line of graphic eyeliner with an extra black finish cannot be missing. For a firm line, apply eyeliner with an angled brush with stiff bristles.
Vanessa Hudgens conquers the red carpet with a romantic and feminine total white look, to which she combines a bright make-up and a minimal hairdo. Credits Ph: Getty Images
This bright look is played on warm shades that highlight Vanessa's Mediterranean beauty. To copy it, warm up the complexion with a light touch of bronzer.
A touch of peach blush is ideal to complete Vanessa Hudgens' bright and natural face look.
Nude lips are the perfect accessory to complete an eye-focused beauty look. Perfect for not unbalancing the harmony of make-up. Credits Ph: Getty Images
For a defined look, trace the lip contour with a nude pencil of the same shade as your complexion, and gently blend the line inwards.
The final touch? A creamy lipstick with a velvety texture, for volumized lips.

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