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What to eat for breakfast to lose weight and stay fit
What to eat for breakfast to lose weight and stay fit

Toast, scrambled eggs, avocado, cereals and fruit: here's what to eat for breakfast to stay in shape by copying from the tables of the stars

The breakfast it is a key meal in the day and in any good diet.

In addition to being of paramount importance to provide the body with nutritional components it needs after the night, it is also the only meal that is disposed of in its entirety - and during which, therefore, you can insert some cheats without too much guilt.

What to eat for breakfast? We went to sift through the food plans of the most beautiful and popular celebrities to find out what food they start the day with and take inspiration from them.

Forget cappuccino and brioche: eggs and avocado are the main ingredients, in all possible variations.

If you're ready to change your eating habits, here are some tips straight from Hollywood.

What stars eat for breakfast to stay fit

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The actress has repeatedly admitted that she is too fond of food to be able to give up something. For this reason, her personal trainer has created a regimen for her that includes everything she likes, but in moderate quantities, including sweets and carbohydrates. So Jennifer confessed that at least a couple of times a week her breakfast consists of a nice slice of pizza.
  • Eva Mendes's breakfast The actress revealed that she is not a great food lover and therefore eats the same things every day. Always the same. Including breakfast: «My day starts with eggs. I think they have something magical, you can cook them in a thousand ways. I make them scrambled and accompany them with an Ezekiel toast (the black bread so popular in the United States ed) "
  • The star admitted during an interview that her breakfast is always the same and consists of scrambled egg whites, vegetable juice and a cup of skim milk with whole grains.

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