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Bob hair: the most glamorous cuts of the stars
Bob hair: the most glamorous cuts of the stars

Bob Hair: Stars love this cut and show it off in ever-changing ways. Discover the most glamorous hair cuts with our selection

With a vintage allure, smooth spaghetti effect or, on the contrary, rich in curls: the bob hair is loved by the stars, who always show off very cool cuts.

Cara Delevingne wore a platinum bob before the zero centimeter cut (script needs) and with a retro charm just like Lily Collins who showed up on the red carpet with a 1950s hair cut. If you want a wavy hairdo, easy to manage, the solution preferred by Lucy Hale and from Kate Mara, is to opt for a scaled bob with wavy lengths. The hair can be divided by a central line or a side line according to your taste.

Do you also want to show off a new bob haircut? We have selected for you the most glamorous cuts of the divas seen on the red carpets. Browse the gallery and let yourself be inspired.

Bob hair: the most glamorous cuts of the stars

Cara Delevingne caschetto
With a forelock with a retro charm: Cara Delevingne's platinum bob - sported before the very short cut - is passed with flying colors.
Coco Rocha caschetto
Always platinum but smooth spaghetti effect for Coco Rocha. Use a shampoo with a glowing finish to enhance the cut.
Diane Kruger caschetto
A helmet that adheres well to the sides of the head and that highlights the tuft enriched with curls. Diane Kruger's hair style is a true diva.
Emilia Clarke caschetto
Emilia Clarke pairs the bangs with a bob full of waves and curls. An ideal look on the red carpet but also for every day.
Kate Mara caschetto
The way to enhance a choppy bob? Do some lightening on the lengths: Kate Mara's look is to be copied.
Kelly Rowland caschetto
A short, super smooth, one-parted bob for Kelly Rowland.
Lea Seydoux caschetto
Geometric cut for Lea Seydoux. The peculiarity is all in the darker color on the roots and lighter on the lengths.
Lily Collins caschetto
A 50s-style hairdo is Lily Collins' choice.
Lucy Hale caschetto
Shag bob for Lucy Hale. It is the perfect cut for those with thin hair.
Nina Dobrev caschetto
A long and smooth bob, like that of Nina Dobrev, is recommended for those who want a classic look that resists fashion.
Sam Rollinson caschetto glam
The classic bob is combined with the fringe: the long one is preferred as does the model Sam Rollinson.

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