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Nail Art: 10 to try right now
Nail Art: 10 to try right now

Are you looking for inspiration for an original and trendy nail art? We have selected for you the 10 most beautiful in our opinion, to try immediately

The 10 Nail Art to try now that we have selected for you are simple, unexpected and impressive.

Perfect to give a new image to the French manicure but also to the more traditional red lacquer, these nail art give easy ideas to both the inexperienced and the pros, and will immediately transform the look of your nails.

Discover the ton-sur-ton degradé versions, the nude holographic effect but also the outline Nail Art trendy minimal, which outline the entire outline of the nail with white paints or very thin metallic threads.

For the most romantic, we have selected versions with stars or floral designs. For the creative ones, instead, green light toartistic inspiration which mentions Keith Haring, the granite effect but also the brand new metallic ombré.

10 Nail Art to try now

A perfect nail art for diehard red lacquer lovers: made with three shades ranging from cardinal red to burgundy, applied at an angle to create a very harmonious color gradient.
The most classic and elegant nude manicure is revived with a delicate brushstroke, spread on the side of the nail, in a candy pink color that gives it a hologram effect.
If you love French manicure but want to give it an original look, just color the nail lunettes with a black or super dark nail polish.
Tired of the usual French manicure? Give her a completely new look by outlining the entire contour of the nail with an optical white polish that contrasts with the hyper glossy transparent base.
Dedicated to the pros: this outline nail art is made with a very light and flexible golden metallic thread that is applied on very short nails. First make the oval shape of the nail and add an extra round to create an artificial border with an almond shape.
Simple and original this manicure on a nude base decorated with small white stars distributed irregularly. It is easily made with a stencil sheet.
A nail art that is a hymn to spring meadows played on the combination of white, black and yellow and has the daisy as its protagonist.
This nail art which reproduces the texture of granite in nude colors on the nail is decorative but minimal. The bezels and some of the tips are decorated and enlivened by small triangles in white and blue.
Celebrating the art of Keith Haring this manicure dedicated to the most creative and done freehand.
This futuristic-spatial nail art is made on a transparent base and applying a multicolored metallic foil on the tip of the nails or juxtaposing different shades of glitter polish.

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