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Four signs of a’ friendship over
Four signs of a’ friendship over

There are signs that help to understand when a friendship is over and when it becomes better to let go of the relationship and useless to insist.

Aristotle said that the antidote to fifty enemies is a friend.

Very true, but only if the friendship is truly authentic.

In everyone's life there are moments when one wonders whether a relationship is still worth living or if, on the other hand, it has not become harmful.

Attention, we are not talking about the moments when there may be small disagreements that could momentarily move away.

Those are normal stages in a relationship, which indeed over time (and with the right communication) could tie even more.

We speak rather of extended periods of time, which they create in you insecurities and negative feelings, and that it would be better to fully understand to understand if that friendship is still worth living.

Here are four signs to understand if it is better to end that friendship, before it hurts you too much.

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The relationship has gone cold and you are in pain

It's been months since your relationship it is no longer as it used to be. You don't understand each other, you don't look for yourselves, you don't find anything beautiful that makes you want to rely on your (ex) friend.

At this point you may want to consider whether it is worthwhile try to save the relationship, in the name of the bond that united you, or you may decide that it is time to let go.

Life often, over time, drive away people who do not help our well-being.

Listen to the signs arriving there and do not oppose the path natural that you have within you.

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You feel indifferent

In friendships it could happen that, at some point, there is something that triggers the spring of indifference.

Could be disappointments repeated over time or a gradual move away that led to a evident coldness.

Whatever the reason, if the relationship no longer has a reason to exist, stop it permanently not to create ambiguous situations that could lead to unnecessary conflicts.


When you see yourself, you no longer have positive feelings

You continue to see each other in a group but there is something that it doesn't make you feel good in his company.

You can't really define what the feeling is, just feel that you can't wait for the meeting to end because you don't feel comfortable.

The signals your body sends you they only mean one thing: that relationship could do you no good in this moment of life.

You may walk away from this friendship (at least momentarily) to understand what makes you feel so upset.

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He lies to you constantly

Friendship and love are mainly composed of mutual trust.

If that person continues to lie to you it will be very difficult to continue the relationship because you will feel little sincerity and it will not come spontaneously to you to open up.

Before breaking off the relationship, you could try to deepen the reasons.

Why is he lying to you? He may feel judged by you or he does it because he thinks the truth would hurt you too much.

In this case, it is useful to talk to each other, communicate what you feel and try to listen to the feelings of the other.

Only in this way can you understand if friendship can be saved.

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