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Men's long haircuts: the trend for Spring-Summer 2017
Men's long haircuts: the trend for Spring-Summer 2017

One-line wavy hair and partitions: discover all the trends in men's long haircuts for Spring / Summer 2017

Not a single style: i men's long hair cuts Spring / Summer 2017 they know how to satisfy the tastes of all men. The trend wants wavy or curly hair, divided by a central line, but also worked with styling products for a voluminous or messy result. Those who have them long and straight can opt for a central line, a look that is cool and easy to achieve at the same time.

There middle row it is also the best solution for those with i curly hair: on the catwalks is one of the trends most loved by designers. The bohemian or grunge inspired look still finds space especially in street style. But be careful: the tuft is arranged so as to leave the forehead free.

Do you want to try a new look for long hair? Look at the gallery and discover all the proposals of the moment.

Men's long haircuts: the trend for Spring-Summer 2017

Light waves liven up the lengths for a slightly "disheveled" look.
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Long straight hair combed back with a tuft worked to create volume - it's a timeless look.
Messy look with layered hair: for those with easy-to-tame hair.
Hair as disheveled from the wind: to create the effect, you need to use a hair dryer and brush.
A scaled cut for him too. With a sailor-style beret, you immediately want the sea.
If you have long beard and hair, try tying your locks in a high ponytail.
One of the recommended cuts if you want to give a touch of color to your hair.
For those with long hair: fixing them with a cream or mousse could be an excellent solution.
If, on the other hand, the long cut is scaled, collect the hair at the nape of the neck.
Another layered cut with wavy lengths. The line is a must.
The hair is enlivened by waves and curls: choose the central line, if the hair is not too voluminous.
If the hair is long and smooth, divide it with a well-defined central line.
The crop leaves free tufts on the sides. Wearing the classic wide-brimmed hat is a winning choice.
The surfer style is transformed into a neat look with cuts characterized by a central line.
Another wavy haircut divided by a central line.
Bedhead effect: the hair is artfully disheveled. A beard is only ok for those who love the grunge result.
The trend of those who do not like to go to the hairdresser: the hair is moved and divided by a side line.
Do you love the hippie style? Choose a headband as an accessory.

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