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Selena Gomez hair: the evolution of her hair looks
Selena Gomez hair: the evolution of her hair looks

Discover the evolution of Selena Gomez's hair from 2013 to today and be inspired by her most beautiful hair looks

How have i hair from Selena Gomez during the years?

Former Disney star, actress, singer and now producer of the television series Thirteen already cult all over the world: Selena Gomez's career is constantly evolving and the young star does not stop enjoying success after success.

Since her small-screen debut in Disney's Wizards of Weverly, the star has repeatedly changed her look hair, however without never upset it radically. Selena has in fact remained faithful to hers long hair, voluminous and with a soft and natural crease until a few days ago, when she decided to give us a cut and try a bob full volume.

Browse the gallery, and retrace with us evolution of Selena Gomez's hair look from 2013 to today.

The evolution of Selena Gomez's hair year after year

At the time of her Disney debut, the young actress sports voluminous and natural hair, with a layered cut and a uniform brown color. Credits Ph: Getty Images
For the red carpet, the very young star chooses a fold with soft and voluminous waves, with a central line and scaling along the entire length of the hair. Credits Ph: Getty Images
Here the star chooses to abandon the central line and choose a side tuft that frames her face. The color is still its natural dark brown with a luminous and natural effect. Credits Ph: Getty Images
A year later the star decides to try a new look, shortening her hair to a medium length and lightening the ends. The crease is soft and wavy. Credits Ph: Getty Images
In 2015 Selena's look takes on a more adult and sexy shade. For this red carpet look, the star opts for ultra straight hair and a maxi length. From now on her hair will be dyed an intense black. Credits Ph: Getty Images
Still a very dark color for the star's hair, which however returns to be styled in soft beach waves with a central line. Credits Ph: Getty Images
Sophisticated and Mediterranean look for the young star, who now opts for a more mature and chic allure. Her haircut is medium to long with a side parting, the color is a uniform dark brown. Credits Ph: Getty Images
At the Grammy Awards the star dresses in a new light. Arrived on the red carpet in the company of her friend Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez sports a bright and Mediterranean look. The hair is long and voluminous again, styled in soft side parted waves. The color is a warm medium brown. Credits Ph: Getty Images
The star's look takes a more modern and grunge turn: inspired by the 90's trend, Selena chooses a wavy and textured hair look with a disheveled effect. The color is a warm and luminous light brown. Credits Ph: Getty Images
Once again a grunge-inspired look. Selena chooses a smooth crease with a side line, with a natural effect and a luminous finish. Credits Ph: Getty Images
Turn 70's for the singer and actress. Her smooth vintage-inspired look features a dark brown color, a paro cut and maxi volume from roots to ends. Credits Ph: Instagram @selenagomez
The young star decides to lighten her hair again, focusing on a natural color with a sun-kissed effect. The crease is voluminous and the cut is scaled, with seventies parade fringe. Credits Ph: Instagram @_marissamarino
For this year's fashion week, Selena Gomez chose a long bob styled with a central line and soft waves. The color is dark brown again. Credits Ph: Instagram @selenagomez
The actress chooses a slightly scaled paro bob on the lengths. The crease is natural and voluminous, the color is dark brown. Credits Ph: Instagram @_marissamarino

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