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That's how much the Kardashians earn
That's how much the Kardashians earn

We did the calculations in the pockets of Kim, Kendall and the others of the clan and here's how much the Kardashians earn

Earning big bucks without knowing how to do anything in particular is an art and the Kardashians are masters of it.

When it comes to grinding money, in fact, no one is more experienced than them and it seems that whatever they touch turns into gold, whether it be a game, a clothing line or a simple sponsorship.

Only last year, overall, the E! he pocketed around 113 million euros.

«What they sponsor on social networks immediately becomes" sold out ".

They are very selective, they only promote what aligns with their lifestyle.

Sponsored posts on social media represent 25% of their income,”Michael Heller, digital marketing CEO of Talent Resources, a company that manages the online business of America's most talked about family, tells UsWeekly.

Much of the heritage, as expected, comes from the takings of Kim, the most famous and the most expensive in terms of cachet, but even the sisters do not joke.

Browse the gallery to find out how much the Kardashians earn and where they come from.

How much do the Kardashians earn

kim kardashian beauty look 2017 (9)
She is the progenitor, the one who pulls the strings of everything that happens in the Kardashians. Nicknamed momager, for being the mother and manager of the clan, Kris earns much of her nest egg from the reality show, but also from her talk show, cookbooks and fashion line for sale on QVC. His bank account, as of 2016, counted about 11 million euros more.
robert kardashian
He is the most introverted and least known of the family, the only man among five sisters. Yet he too managed to put aside a nice nest egg, even if it is nothing compared to the figures achieved by the other members of the family. It has been calculated that Rob earned about € 2 million last year, thanks to his participation in "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", but also from his job as a manager alongside his mother Kris.

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