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The problems that only those with long hair can understand
The problems that only those with long hair can understand

Long hair is beautiful, but the wind and lip gloss combo is just one of the problems that wearers know all too well

Long hair have been synonymous with charm and femininity since the dawn of time: well-finished, shiny and fluffy, they are a tool that women have always used to increase their sex appeal … and that many men seem to appreciate, among other things.

Well, Rapunzel, now at least among us we admit that the downside is far more complicated, painful and unpleasant than what the various flatterers might believe.

Yes, because wearing long hair is actually a challenge against time, space and patience, where often the only defeats (and frustrations) are only the women who - despite everything - continue to make them grow with dedication and obstinacy.

Browse the gallery to discover that, often, flowing hair is a (delicious) cross from which you can only rarely separate!

The problems of those with long hair

1_Capelli lunghi_impigliarsi
Zippers, seat belts, scarves, necklaces, buttons, other people … those who wear long hair know that there is no limit to the animated or non-animated objects in which you can find yourself entangled.
2_Capelli lunghi_impigliarsi
Since skeptics tend not to believe it, we want to stress the concept as much as possible.
3_Capelli lunghi_shampoo
Those with long hair consume shampoo and conditioner in a ratio of 1: 2, which means that for each package of shampoo they consume two whole packs of conditioner, and at every expense they put a couple in the cart so that they never end up without them. On the other hand, try using a "small amount of product" and combing that mass of wet knots.
4_Capelli lunghi_lavaggio
When you have long hair, washing and drying are a subspecies of work, the duration of which takes enough time to absolutely not be left to chance. It is therefore necessary to plan this activity by fitting it with the other commitments made, without being ashamed of any delays in appointments because "I have to dry my hair".
5_Capelli lunghi_gloss
The more windy combo gloss is fatal for anyone who wears long hair beyond the shoulders … unless you feel an unhealthy and masochistic pleasure in finding them permanently glued to your mouth, a little sticky and perhaps with a strawberry aftertaste.
6_Capelli lunghi_in bocca
You get the feeling of having one in your mouth, but you can't really understand where it is. Too bad that in the eyes of the beholder it just seems that one is grabbing the tongue with one hand for some incomprehensible reason.
7_Capelli lunghi_coda
For those with long hair, wearing a ponytail is something of a necessity to ensure survival. The only contraindication is that - once the elastic has been removed, especially for those who moved them - the hair tends to take on a bizarre shape, thus making it impossible to go back once the decision has been made to tie it. Ca va sans dire the problem arises to the nth degree in the case of a chignon.
8_Capelli lunghi_forcine
A great classic especially in summer, when - to find a minimum of relief from the heat - long scaled hair is collected with the help of a thousand hairpins that prevent it from falling on the face. It remains an unsolved mystery because, by the end of the week, despite all the attention you have placed in preserving them, you will find a maximum of five in your hand.
9_Capelli lunghi_doccia
Taking a shower when you have long hair is equivalent to surrendering to a sad (and annoying) evidence: a quarter of your hair will lie there, on the floor, and you will have to collect it by hand to throw it into the toilet in order to prevent it from clogging the drain (say the truth, how many have you closed before reaching this conclusion?).
10_Capelli lunghi_sesso
Sex isn't a walk in the park for long-haired people either: unless you keep it tied, it doesn't work like it does in the movies, and the odds of your man getting caught in it, pulling it on you, or one of them ending up find some locks in your mouth, they are much higher than those of reaching an orgasm … just to say.
11_Capelli lunghi_gomito
Just as there is the tennis elbow, there is also that of the phonist: generally a woman with long hair, who, due to prolonged drying sessions with a hairdryer, has more developed muscles in one arm than the other. And while the muscles are still still, the worst comes when your fingers will also tingle and you will have to pause for a few seconds to regain sensitivity and move on with the fold.
12_Capelli lunghi_dramma elastico
For those with long hair, having a well-pulled ponytail is the sine qua non so that the hairstyle does not go limp in a few minutes or steps. That's why, when the elastic is too tight and insists on not doing that third round, frustration takes on the appearance of a more than justified drama.
13_Capelli lunghi_elastico
That of the rubber bands is more or less the same fate as the hairpins: at the beginning there are many, and after a few days - inexplicably - you always find yourself with only one of them available. For those with long hair, the situation takes the turn of a Highlander spin-off, and protecting the lone survivor suddenly becomes the main goal, if not of life, at least of the week. Also because perfect rubber bands are always rarely found.

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