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Kendall Jenner's secrets of style and beauty
Kendall Jenner's secrets of style and beauty

Diet, make up, fashion and skincare: here are Kendall Jenner's style and beauty tricks

Kendall Jenner pleases for its simplicity, its natural but bursting beauty.

For this reason, the designers are competing to have her on the catwalk and the brands are willing to spend good money to appear in one of her posts on Instagram.

All thanks to Mother Nature, of course, but also to the spirit of sacrifice and dedication, which push her to follow a healthy and balanced diet and to train regularly.

She too, every now and then, makes some mistakes, fortunately. And this makes her even more sympathetic.

In the gallery we reveal all its secrets.

Kendall Jenner's beauty and style secrets

Like every human being, Kendall also has moments of failure, in which she gives up the diet to indulge in some whim: "I love everything that is not healthy, burgers, fried chicken, pizza, everything". In an interview, the model confessed that after her first show for Victoria's Secret, she indulged in a two-month period of inactivity, in which she ate everything that came into her head and exercised very little.
  • Style Like many other models, off the catwalks Kendall does not like to wear too many frills and prefers a casual style, made of jeans, tops and sneakers. «My advice is to feel comfortable and at ease, both physically and for what you wear. Do not wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable or that embarrasses you just because it is fashionable ».

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