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Because everyone should try to travel alone at least once
Because everyone should try to travel alone at least once

Traveling alone is an experience that everyone should try to do at least once in their life: we explain why

Traveling alone is a beautiful experience, one of those that change the way we see things and experience travel and holidays.

Sure, it's a big leap in the dark, scares and we don't know what we are going to meet, but sometimes it also serves to give yourself a good shake when you find yourself experiencing difficult situations or periods of tension.

We explain why, at least once in a lifetime, you should give yourself this gift, because perhaps it is really the only way to unplug, think and find yourself.

Put aside your doubts and fears: you will come back more serene and stronger and, if necessary, you will have made peace with yourself.

Because it's nice to travel alone

avere tempo per pensare
You can freely decide the destination and also what to do there, without having to compromise or give up on something. You can enter the boat trip that your friend didn't want to do or dine at a local restaurant that your friends would have found fault with. It truly becomes the journey for you and built on what you like to do, a gift that at least once in your life is nice to give - also because it allows us to discover what we really like.
scegliere il tipo di vacanza
Backpacking or unbridled luxury? If there is no middle ground for you, you can exactly live the journey according to your personal philosophy. Also in this case you have to satisfy only you. This certainly makes you more satisfied and it becomes even more likely to meet people who experience the holiday exactly like you.
posti comodi
Usually people traveling together ask for nearby seats and, if the plane or bus is not full, this increases the probability of being able to have a seat next to yours. This means being able to travel more comfortably, do you want to have the luxury of stretching out on two seats during a night of travel?
non doversi preoccupare degli altri
Changing itinerary, joining other people, choosing to change destination become the order of the day. You have no one to convince and you can choose lightly to extend your journey or add a destination at the last minute without creating problems or discussions. This makes you much freer and lighter.
non avere fretta
No up early, no rushing to go to dinner early or, on the contrary, very tight schedules? You decide whether to take it easy and relax or run like crazy to see as much as possible, even in this case no one forces you to do anything and everything you decide you do for yourself.
niente lamentele
There is no useless and continuous production of complaints, unless you make them, no one telling you that the bathroom is too spartan, that the blue of the sea is not identical to that in the catalog, that the cook has used too much garlic and that coffee is not like home. These are the cases in which silence is golden.
conoscere nuove persone
Traveling alone, we talk more, ask questions, listen to stories and come into contact with people who are very different from you, with whom, in a different situation, you would not have had the opportunity to chat. It becomes precious to be given their stories and tell a little of yours.
avere tempo per te
You can spend four hours in the modern art museum and completely ignore the natural science museum, or vice versa. Read all night, stay silent and gaze at the stars or join the table of the group of kids you have just met without feeling inappropriate or too much. Anything you like and when you like it, even order a mega bowl of ice cream every day.
ascoltare le storie delle persone
When you travel alone it happens to come back with many more friends than before, people to visit around the world or even in your own city. The lucky ones could also stumble upon a soul mate, someone who could then become more than a travel companion.
organizzare il proprio itinerario
After the initial fear and doubts, this experience makes you feel independent and proud of yourself, many of those you meet will compliment you, say they envy you, others will feel sorry for you, smile and explain to them that you feel very lucky to be there. give yourself this wonderful gift.

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