Bf bella # fashion by Beppe D’ Elia EASYLISS: the straightening brush with an immediate effect
Bf bella # fashion by Beppe D’ Elia EASYLISS: the straightening brush with an immediate effect

Perfectly smooth, soft and shiny hair in one stroke? Yes, thanks to the innovative electric straightening brush with ION technology bf bella # fashion by Beppe D'Elia EASYLISS.

It was born from the professional background of Beppe D'Elia, an established international hair stylist, who has been collaborating for over 25 years with the most prestigious fashion houses and takes care of the looks of numerous celebrities.

Beppe D'Elia's goal is to make the creation of EASYLISS bf bella # fashion by Beppe D'Elia even easier styling at home, allowing every woman to get a immediate smooth effect in a single pass, with all the ease of use of a high-performance electric brush, without damaging the hair and avoiding the electrostatic effect of the hair.

The EASYLISS electric straightening brush is equipped with 66 heated peaks with insulated ends for use in complete safety and a ceramic base that spreads the heat evenly.

The temperature can also be adjusted from 160 ° C to 210 ° C, so as to adapt the action of the brush to each type of hair, in a way that is even easier to control, thanks to the LCD liquid crystal display.

There IONS function it is the flagship of the technology that makes EASYLISS unique and that allows to obtain a perfect smooth effect, avoiding the electrostaticity of the hair.


The ease of use is guaranteed by the extreme speed in reaching the temperature, by the instant results that allow to obtain straight hair in 3-5 minutes from the first brush stroke and from the presence of a long wire that can be rolled up at 360 °.

To make it even safer to use, EASYLISS is equipped with automatic shut-off, universal voltage for use abroad and a heat-resistant travel pouch.

The EASYLISS bella # fashion electric brush has also received European certifications and international guarantees and has been designed in an ecological way, for greater respect for the environment.


Thanks to the expertise of a professional and the new EASYLISS bf bella # fashion by Beppe D'Elia it is possible to obtain straight, soft and shiny hair at home with extreme ease and speed.

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