Tamu McPherson and Paolo Stella on the move with Swatch
Tamu McPherson and Paolo Stella on the move with Swatch

Discovering the new SKIN watch line with influencers Tamu McPherson and Paolo Stella

An eclectic and sunny woman with a refined style, on the one hand. An ironic and playful man, on the other hand, who does not like to take himself too seriously. Influencer her, influencer him. Both in great demand. In addition to the profession, Tamu McPherson And Paolo Stella, they have in common the propensity to move, the desire to travel and never stop. They are dynamic and unstoppable, they dive headlong into new challenges and opportunities, they dream and feed on always new and stimulating ideas and projects. Above all, they let themselves be guided by emotions to become proponents of change.

That euphoria that marks their life in everyday life is combined with the philosophy that revolves around Swatch SKIN Collection, the new collection of watches - essential and ultra-light - focused on the thrill of the unknown and the sense of movement.

Of the 11 models in the line, Tamu chooses it SKINSPARKS, Paul prefers it SKINPURE. Because? We from Grace we met them to ask them and we couldn't resist asking them lots of questions.

How would you define your style in three words?

TAMU: Curious, adventurous, evolving

PAUL: But what a cool!

Your must-have for the summer?

TAMU: Wide pants and party dress

PAUL: The holidays

The most bizarre combination you've ever dared?

TAMU: There are many but perhaps the most bizarre of all was an overall animal print mini dress combined with a pair of black velvet sleeves, knee high socks and black ankle boots. I wore it during a Dancehall class.

PAUL: Wear jeans with underpants

Your style-icon of reference?

TAMU: My friends, always

PAUL: Steve Mc Queen or Antonella Clerici

The song you sing while getting dressed to go out?

TAMU: Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield.

PAUL: 5 minutes, only 5 you will see …

What do you do to keep yourself moving?

TAMU: Running, yoga and circuit training

PAUL: I take the elevator several times a day

The color of the Swatch SKIN that represents you?

TAMU: Navy blue because it is an underrated color

PAUL: As transparent as my intentions

In your life you took a risk when …

TAMU: I gave up my career as a lawyer to work in fashion

PAUL: I woke up in the morning. Every morning!

A dream you've never confessed

TAMU: I shared all my dreams

PAUL: I would like to kiss Antonella Clerici

Where will you be in 10 years?

TAMU: On vacation with the family

PAUL: Where I don't know, but probably happy!

And now you just have to browse the gallery and copy the look of Tamu And Paul!


Director of photography: Elisabetta Marzetti

Production: Sara Moschini and Francesca Crippa

Grooming: Livia Pirola

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