No Make Up. Be beautiful even naturally
No Make Up. Be beautiful even naturally

In a world where the care of the image is everything, it seems impossible that a new and more genuine trend is making its way that winks at simplicity and naturalness.

The formula "No Make Up“It is not just a fashion that has exploded on social networks, it is the desire of celebs, influencers and stars from all over the world to convey a more real and certainly less standardized message of beauty. Obviously this does not mean giving up mascara and lipstick, but rather, learning how to dose everything and take care of your skin starting from the basics.

The soap and water looks involve the use of appropriate and skin-friendly products. QVC is well aware of this and has identified an original and impressive selection. For those who don't know him yet QVC is the largest multichannel retailer in the world where you can buy what you want in a convenient and easy way. Like? On TV, online or by downloading the app from smartphones and tablets.

Green light, therefore, to the exploration on of innovative brands with guaranteed effectiveness such as the Perricone eye contour treatment kit that brings the gaze to the fore: it illuminates and softens the eyelids, restores the appearance of the eyelids. lashes and moisturizes the eye contour. We recommend combining this trio of products with Revitalash's stronger and thicker eyelash conditioner and Blinc's more natural brow mousse. A delicate and nude make-up provides a perfect complexion: this is why we recommend trying the Bare Minerals smoothing and anti-redness foundation and, also from the same brand, the Prep Step moisturizing and illuminating base for the face. Don't forget that your hair also deserves the right attention: to make it soft and silky, try the Silk Oil of Morocco kit that cleanses and moisturizes it by combining Argan oil and Macadamia seed oil. You will be delighted!

With these secrets for the dream skin beauty routine suggested by QVC, you will have the key to being beautiful even naturally. A hymn to beauty without filters.


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