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12 problems all women have (and men will never understand)
12 problems all women have (and men will never understand)

From makeup to diet: here are the 12 micro problems that every girl has faced at least once in their life

A woman's life can be tough

Regardless of the social problems (which are neither the time nor the place to talk about here), there are at least 12 mini problems, or hassles, but annoying, which we have all faced at least once.

Between clothes, waxing, holidays that inexorably always coincide with the cycle, Cassandra Calin, a young Canadian artist, has built a profession, immortalizing with her cartoons everyday problems that afflict all the girls in the world.

Browse the gallery, we challenge you to find a situation you haven't found yourself in at least once.

12 realities over which all women have clashed

donne eye liner
The eyeliner line
donne capelli
Hairstyles that never look like we see them in magazines
donne abbigliamento
Clothes that are more beautiful than sensible
donne armadio
When you have nothing to wear
donne ciclo vacanze
The cycle that always comes on the first day of vacation
donne abbronzatura
The first tan
donne dieta
The precarious balance between the snack and the balance
donne fitness
The sport
donne meteo estate
When you're sick of winter and decide it's time to take your socks off
donne peli
When in fact it is the season in which you are without socks
donne rossetto
When you put on red lipstick and try not to spoil it
donne trucco
When you go out without makeup and they ask you if you are tired

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