Ferragamo launches the Orange Fiber Collection
Ferragamo launches the Orange Fiber Collection

The maison's new capsule collection has its roots in the Orange Fiber patent, a special twill created starting from … citrus fruits


Sustainability and innovation: this is the mix underlying the new project by Ferragamo which will be launched on the occasion of the 47th edition of the Earth Day - L'Earth Day 2017.

Baptised Ferragamo Orange Fiber Collection, the initiative consists of a capsule collection created through the use of Orange Fiber, an ecological fabric created starting from citrus fruits or better from what remains after squeezing the juice. Mind of the idea - soon transformed into an Italian patent and then extended to international protocol - the fashion design student Adriana Santanocito who decided to develop it with his colleague Enrica Arena and to put it into practice with the support of Politecnico di Milano.


From here a collection was born, that of the Florentine maison, centered on an unusual Sicily, translated into author prints made by Mario Trimarchi, architect and designer of the 'freehand' generation. The inspiration is from the strong midday shadows on nature and Mediterranean fruits accompanied by a more abstract and literary sequence of drawings of clouds and floating flowers. That explode on shirts, dresses, trousers and scarves with clean and essential lines.

Consistent with its motto, Responsible Passion, Salvatore Ferragamo is the first brand to use fiber Orange Fiber.

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