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The stars who googled themselves tell what they found
The stars who googled themselves tell what they found

From Anne Hathaway to Kristen Stewart: even the stars happen to search their name on Google to find out what is said about them, here's what they found

If you were a star you wouldn't go to Google every day looking for what people say about you? Well, if you ever get famous, avoid doing it.

Not everyone admits to googling their name, but those who did swear they found nothing pleasant.

Or that, at least, the negative comments are so bad that they seriously undermine the self-esteem, even of sex symbols like Blake Lively or Scarlett Johansson.

The reactions among the celebs are different: there are those who laugh at it, those who have made an illness and those who use the search engine only by typing the right words to gain self-esteem.

Here's who admitted to googling and what they found.

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Jennifer Lawrence

“I'm so scared to say anything. I see people take everything in a negative way, but I don't want to complain, I just have a bad habit of googling my name. If it were up to me I would not speak anymore, I would just recite ».

Many have suggested that she stop, but JLaw replies:

"Try to know they talk about you, have your things and stay away from Google!"


Katy Perry

The singer confessed to having searched Google for the phrase "Katy Perry hot" after posting on Instagram a couple of funny, but certainly not sexy photos - one of her sitting at the computer in a sports bra and shorts with unkempt hair and the other a FaceTime screenshot of her having a massage at the face.

"I didn't feel at all sure of the two published photos, so I gave a shot of self-esteem."

Emma Stone

People of the net, know that if your favorite pastime is going on the Internet to insult the actress, she will only laugh about it.

A couple of years ago the "La La Land" star admitted that he had Google his name a few times:

"Generally I don't like what I find, but some of them are really funny," she confessed, citing the comment of a user who called her "a silly and slack prostitute."


Blake Lively

The actress recently confessed to Variety that googling herself made her depressed, although she didn't specify what she found:

“I googled my name and ended up feeling deeply depressed. So I think I will never do it again, because the Internet is not a nice place at all."


Robert Downey Jr

Unlike his other colleagues (men), the actor is a frequent visitor to the network, but he lives it with philosophy, as he admitted in an interview at the Oscars:

“I love all that nonsense. I'm sorry, but I love them, because they are a hoot. Some people shower you with compliments and support you, even exaggeratedly, as if they know you. Others are busy doing something else and are using chats only to vent all their frustration by slaughtering a few characters. I have to admit, I enjoy it a lot."


Reese Witherspoon

Though she confessed to The Sun that she only did it in "very, very dark times," the actress admitted she couldn't resist the temptation to take a peek every now and then to see what is being said about her:

“You are fat, you are ugly, you look tired, you have no talent, you are no longer anyone, you are a bad actress. It is a concentrate of all the most horrible things you can hear about yourself ».

Kristen Stewart

There was a time when not everyone was a fan of the actress.

And she knew it very well, because she read everything: “Commentators are worse than bloggers. I know what people say about me, but I like to see what they publish and see how I was dressed, how I was, it's not that if I put on a dress and they photograph me I don't care, it's obvious that I want to see how I was ", confessed in an interview with Allure a few years ago.

Tina Fey

Anne Hathaway

“I got out of the habit of googling myself because it's the worst idea you can have, "the actress confessed to Ellen DeGeneres, explaining that she also read the articles explaining why people hated her:

“At the beginning I listened to everything, I couldn't do without it. You know what they say and you try not to think about it, but you can't. Then I realized the reason I couldn't not think about it was that I didn't love myself enough. If you don't love yourself, when someone else says terrible things about you, there's a part of you that believes them. '

Tina Fey

Not only the actress and comedian admitted to having searched his name on Google, but he also called into question his detractors during the speech of thanks at the 2009 Golden Globes:

"If you ever happen to have too much self-esteem, there is this thing called the Internet, where you can find a lot of people who don't like you and I'd like to name a few now," joked the star, before starting to call his haters into question. to send them to that country without too many pleasantries.

Scarlett Johansson

In 2013 the actress said:

“I've stopped googling my name, nothing good comes of it. On the contrary, it gives you a distorted and exaggerated perception of yourself and makes you feel as if everyone has their eyes on you, when this is not the case"

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