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QVC Italia launches the sustainable fashion brand FLR by flavialarocca
QVC Italia launches the sustainable fashion brand FLR by flavialarocca

The multimedia retailer focuses on sustainable fashion and exclusively presents the collections of the FLR by flavialarocca brand, available from 28 April on all channels of the platform


Important volumes, a palette of bold colors mixed with pastel shades, a mix & match of contrasts and suggestions. It is a liaison, the one between sustainability and design.

FLR by flavialarocca is an ecological, responsible and contemporary fashion brand, launched exclusively by the multimedia shopping and entertainment retailer QVC.

Designed by the young Roman designer Flavia La Rocca - discovery through the program QVC Next in support of Italian entrepreneurship - the brand's collections will be hosted on all channels of the platform starting next April 28th.

Absolute protagonists i recycled fabrics such as polyester and organic cotton which - thanks to cutting-edge technological research applied to the fashion industry - guarantee the qualitative excellence of the garments and at the same time reduce the waste of water, energy and raw materials.

The garments are very versatile, boasting soft and sensual lines, rewarding total whites softened by powder pink and caramel details. The striped pattern, then, covers with a vibrant energy high-waisted wide trousers, longuette dresses with a bon ton flavor, wrap skirts knotted on the side.

There is no shortage of great classics such as chemisier and white shirt side by side with kimonos interpreted in a blazer version and minimal top embellished with rock details.

Browse the gallery to get a taste of the sustainable line of FLR by flavialarocca available on QVC!

The must haves of FLR by flavialarocca on QVC

Kimono in camel color with ivory edges and belt
Longuette dress with stripes pattern
White shirt with caramel details
Longuette wrap skirt with stripes pattern
Light blue top with an essential line embellished with metal details

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