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Chiara Ferragni and Fedez broke up?
Chiara Ferragni and Fedez broke up?

Did Chiara Ferragni and Fedez break up or did they just quarrel? The two have stopped following each other on social networks, but the alarm seems to have returned

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez broke up or did they just fight?

It will be that you return from a bridge and that no one has much desire to work on this Tuesday that seems so much a Monday, but someone has noticed that something strange has happened on social networks and the gossip about ferragniz is literally exploding.

What happened: she is in Los Angeles, recently returned from Coachella, he in Milan, fresh from a series of concerts at the Forum with J-AX and sold out. And so far everything is ok.

Today, however, the two they stopped following each other on social networks for the time necessary for it to be noticed.

Shortly after, everything returns to place and the two reappear among their respective followers, but despite this there are those who scream at the end of the most social love story of all time.

According to what the most attentive followers say, but we are looking for confirmation, he had posted yesterday a photo that portrayed them together, with the caption "I miss you".

Photo that today he would have deleted just before defollowing Chiara, to be defollowed in return.

In fact, there is no trace of the photo, but we are looking for screenshots that confirm its actual publication. For the rest, for the moment, the alarm seems to have disappeared.

Therefore go back to work, which in case we update you.

fedez instagram foto

What is happening between Fedez and Chiara Ferragni

fedez chiara ferragni selfie
It all started when some fans of the couple realized that the two had stopped following each other on Instagram and that he had removed a photo posted the night before that portrayed them together. From there, a non-stop tam tam started that went around the net. Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, in fact, have made Instagram their favorite showcase. There is no occasion that the two have not shared on their profiles or on Stories. This is why the defollow has created such a stir.
fedez chiara ferragni fidanzati
Alarm that seems to have returned a few minutes later, when the two have begun to follow each other. Too late, however, to go unnoticed. On social media the various hypotheses about what happened are snaking: there are those who claim it was just a fight, those who instead think it was a move designed at the table to attract some attention. The fact is that, for now, everything seems to be back to normal.
chiara ferragni coachella
At the moment the two are far away, as often happens, she in Los Angeles and he in Milan. These days, in fact, Chiara was at Coachella for the first weekend of the festival while he was busy with the Communists tour with Rolex at the Assago Forum, with J-AX.
fedez chiara ferragni concerto
The most recent shots of the two together date back to last week, when Chiara was in the front row at the Fedez concert. On that occasion, Chiara had returned to Italy to be alongside the rapper in the first of four dates at the Mediolanum Forum which were sold out.
fedez chiara ferragni cena
The first rumors of a story between the rapper and the fashion blogger date back to September, when the weekly Chi published some images that portrayed them together at dinner in Milan. Then there was talk of a possible flirtation, while there were those who believed it was a marketing operation to launch some new product.
cover chiara ferragni fedez foto instagram mobile
Only a few weeks later the two were again paparazzi together, this time in unequivocal attitudes, so much so that they were forced to confirm their relationship with Chi. Nothing, however, that was not already in the air, since a few days earlier they had published this photo together on their respective profiles accompanied by a caption with a little heart. The first of a long series of photos that have held up on social media so far.

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