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Ten love books to read when you are in the mood for romance
Ten love books to read when you are in the mood for romance

To daydream, nothing better than a good book about love: here are 10 highly recommended titles, including novelties and great classics

The one between literature and romance is a marriage that knows no crisis, and which over the years feeds on new love stories that excite us, shake us and make us daydream.

So when you're in the right mood, it's nice to dive into the pages of a book with an insured heartbeat.

If you are in doubt about the title to put on the bedside table, we give you ten to read or retrieve, between Announcements recently arrived in the bookstore and i great classics that don't give up their shelf space easily.

Romantic books to read in one breath

The journalist Fabrizio Peronaci leads us by the hand on a path made of forbidden loves and passions with «The temptation» (Centauria). Inspired by real events, the book tells the secret relationship between a distinguished reverend for a long time at the top of one of the major ecclesiastical congregations and a retired Roman professor. There is no shortage of murky references related to the red light scandal that exploded in October 2015 in the order of the Discalced Carmelites, which ended with a regular canonical process.
Rosa Montero instead gives us a passionate, daring and surprising novel. «In flesh and heart» (Salani) has as its protagonist Soledad, a woman over fifty years old in crisis because her lover has decided to break up with her permanently after discovering that his wife is expecting a child. When he finds himself having to meet him at the Opera, he hires a gigolo to make him jealous, but an unexpected event will make the situation take an unexpected turn.
Love can sometimes seem like an unknown land where it is difficult to find your way around. With "Put love above all things" (Mondadori), the philosopher Armando Massarenti wants to offer us a compass, drawing on the classical and modern knowledge of authors such as Plato, Ovid, Wittgenstein or Iris Murdoch, but not disdaining ideas from neuroscience at the same time. A path between philosophy and logic that will help us to live this feeling in a healthy and balanced way, in search of happiness.
Federico Moccia returns to the origins of his success, with the third chapter of the adolescent saga which began with "Three meters above the sky" and continued with "I want you". "Three times you" (Nord) tells about Step's life after six years: he has changed a lot and is about to marry Gin, the woman he loves and with whom he has chosen to have forever by his side. But one day Babi suddenly comes back and reveals a truth so shocking that it forces him to question all his certainties.
Among the new classics of romanticism it is inevitable to put "My destiny is you" by Megan Maxwell (published by Tea in 2015). In the center Ruth, 25 years old disappointed by life and love and Tony, a charming star that no one can resist. The two meet at a party where the girl works as a waitress and he does everything to seduce her, failing. Ruth and Tony are very different and it might not work between them, but fate will continue to cross their paths.
A best-seller is «Me before you» by Jojo Moyes, published in 2012 (Mondadori). What we are told is the story of 26-year-old Louisa Clark, whose life changes when she accepts to work at the house of Will Traynor, who at the age of thirty-five lost the will to live due to a terrible accident he was the victim of. Their meeting will be fundamental for both: they will gradually learn to know each other, teaching each other how to get involved. A film was also made in 2016, directed by Thea Sharrock, with Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin.
If you are in the mood for romance, play it safe with Nicholas Sparks. One of his greatest successes was undoubtedly "The words that I did not say to you" (published by Frassinelli in 1998). The protagonist is Theresa Osborne, a journalist from Boston who, after finding on the beach a bottle containing a letter from a certain Garrett addressed to his deceased wife, decides to find the man and love will break out between the two. In 1999 there was also the film adaptation directed by Luis Mandoki, starring Kevin Costner, Robin Wright and Paul Newman.
When it comes to "Breakfast at Tiffany's" everyone remembers in particular the famous film by Blake Edwards with Audrey Hepburn (dated 1961), but it is also worth rereading the novel from which it is based written by Truman Capote (and published in 1958). Between the pages, the story of Holly Golightly, told by her friend and neighbor (aspiring writer), is enriched with emotions and nuances. She with her sweet and at the same time determined character, in the perennial search for her place in the world, attracted by a luxury that always carries her in the arms of wealthy men who are far from giving her the greatest wealth, or true love.
We go even further back in time to 1925, the year of the first publication of "The Great Gatsby" by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Portrait of an era, this novel narrates that of the young Nick Carraway who moves to New York in the summer of 1922, renting a house in the prestigious and rich Long Island. Here he is immediately struck by his neighbor, the mysterious Jay Gatsby, famous for his eccentric parties. What Nick doesn't know is that this man is terribly alone and has always loved his cousin Daisy. Several films inspired by the book, including the last (dated 2013) was the one signed by Baz Luhrmann starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan.

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