The new Tribal style is “Pop Folk”
The new Tribal style is “Pop Folk”

Afro-Style turns into Tribal-Pop-Folk: what is it about? We tell you the latest (and colorful) trend for spring-summer 2017

Attention to all fashion addicts, a new trend alert stands out towards the horizon of Spring-Summer 2017. Is called tribal-pop-folk and it's an original mix between one multi-ethnic style and i vibrant colors And bold of pop!

<p come together in a contemporary and global dimension, in a virtuous interweaving of memories and modernity.

Sophie Anderson – Net-a-Porter

Sophie Anderson

Mola Sasa M’Oda ‘Operandi
Mola Sasa
Mercedes Salazar – Modalist
Mercedes Salazar
Marco De Vincenzo – Net-a-Porter
Marco De Vincenzo
Loeffler Randall – Coggles
Loeffler Randall
Lele Sadoughi – Saksfifthavenue
Lele Sadoughi
Dolce&Gabbana Net-a-Porter
Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana
Dori Csengeri – Yoox
Dori Csengeri
Duro Olowu
Duro Olowu
Gucci – Net-a-Porter
Kate Spade – ShopBop
Kate Spade
Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin
Brognano – Farfetch
Nicola Brognano
Balmain – Modalist

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