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The meaning of colors: what the color you love says about you
The meaning of colors: what the color you love says about you

Do you have a favorite color? We show you the meaning of colors to find out which one matches your personality and how to use it

Colors are generated by our visual perception, which processes the wavelengths coming from the light and transforms them into the different colors we see.

Many vital functions, such as appetite and mood are easily influenced by colors, so much so that there is a science, the chromotherapy, which deals with studying them to favor the well-being of people through their use.

There are some tones, then, that they particularly affect our life because, thanks to their frequencies, they act on our energy points, condition our psychophysical state e they reflect our personality.

Here are what the meanings of the main colors and how to use their benefits at your convenience.


The meaning of the color yellow

That is the brightest color of all. Its meaning is linked to the sun and light.

Those who feel they are in tune with the color yellow could always be on the lookout search for lightness and a positive mood, free from negative thoughts.


The meaning of the color red

This color is linked to love and passion but also to the anger and aggression.

In fact, the red color has always been one of the most powerful in terms of energetic resonance because it refers to concepts such as blood and heart.

For these very reasons, you should be careful about don't go overboard with red furniture or walls inside your home, more impulsive reactions than usual could result.


The meaning of color blue

The color of the calm and calmness.

Its wavelength affects our senses to help us find inner peace (not for nothing it is also the color of meditation).

Its effects are capable of calm the mind and to take our awareness to a higher level.


The meaning of color green

How not to tie it to nature? The green color recalls our origin, brings us back to concepts like the fertility, renewal and of course hope.

Like blue, we also find in green a reassuring and calming effect for the mind.


The meaning of color Brown

Sometimes too little considered, brown has a very deep meaning.

It recalls the earth, nature and the places we feel we belong to

People who furnish homes with furniture or wooden objects want instill warmth and safety to the environment in which they live.


The meaning of color White

Includes all colors of the light spectrum.

It mirrors the purity, loyalty, change nobler and spirituality.

Who loves the white color accept the newness of life and tends to have a high trust in others.

You want to create an environment that represents calm, security and spirituality?

Mix in the furniture pieces i white, brown and blue colors.


The meaning of color black

Although it is mainly related to mourning, it is also considered the color of elegance and refinement.

On important evenings he always comes to our aid and in everyday life streamlines and allows you to never make mistakes.

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