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What do the Windsors do?
What do the Windsors do?

From Queen Elizabeth to Kate Middleton: here's what the Windsors do during the day

If you think the Windsors don't work, you are very wrong

Sure, they don't have to wake up at dawn every morning to go to the office, but they have gods too commitments to be respected and of tasks to be performed, even if they do not produce direct income.

The members most closely related to the line of succession to the throne, in fact, they have the Sovereign Grant, the fund into which public money aimed at maintaining the monarchy is poured, which can be seen in part as a sort of salary.

But what do Elizabeth, Charles, William, Harry and Kate do in everyday practice?

There are many who ask and today we decided to answer.

Browse the galley to find out what the tasks are the Windsors play daily.

What are the official duties of the royals

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Prince William The second heir to the throne in the line of succession is the Duke of Cambridge, but from a working point of view he is still quite immature, at least compared to the enormous number of offices held by his father. In 2006 he decided to pursue a military career by joining the Blues and Royals regiment. He has since made great strides and today holds the positions of captain of the Blues and Royals, lieutenant in the Royal Navy, captain of the Royal Air Force and aide-de-camp to Queen Elizabeth. At the age of 21 he was appointed councilor of state and began to hold official roles on behalf of Her Majesty, representing her in some trips and public outings. In recent years he has worked as a helicopter rescue pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, a role which he has decided to give up in order to devote himself entirely to the duties of the court.

  • Prince Harry Charles's second son holds fewer official positions than other family members, at least as regards those in which he has to take the place of the Queen. For him the first time was in 2012, on the occasion of the closing of the London Olympics. Harry is known for his career in the military, for which he served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently holds the rank of captain of the Household Cavalry regiment. Now her job is to support various charitable activities and charitable projects, as well as participate in public ceremonies as a member of the royal family and sometimes on behalf of Elizabeth. Charitable activities include the organization of the Invictus Games, the sporting event for disabled athletes, and the support of Senteable, the body founded in Lesotho in 2006 to fight HIV in children. He is also involved in the Coach Core program, which aims to spread the culture and quality of sport in the UK.

  • Kate Middleton The working life of the Duchess of Cambridge, like that of other royals, can be divided into four categories: representing the country, supporting people, supporting charitable activities and maintaining the institution of the royal family. Hence his support for the Queen on some official occasions, as well as being alongside William when he takes the place of the sovereign. Kate is required to participate in trips to Commonwealth countries, to participate in state lunches and dinners and to welcome diplomatic representations, as happened with the Obamas. The princess also devotes much of her time to supporting charitable projects, such as that for the mental health of minors.

  • Beatrice and Eugenie Elizabeth's granddaughters, daughters of Prince Andrew, do not hold official positions at court, nor do they benefit from the Sovereign Grant, the fund into which public money destined for the royal family flows. In fact, William's two cousins ​​do not benefit from the same privileges as the heir to the throne and carry out completely normal jobs. Eugenie is currently the associate director of an art gallery, while Beatrice is unemployed, although her website reads that she is engaged in business.

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