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Paola Calliari: "Enough dance, now cinema"
Paola Calliari: "Enough dance, now cinema"

To follow her dream of dancing Paola Calliari has traveled the world. Then a teacher put a stop to his passion. But she, instead of breaking down, chose the set. And now he's starring in the two films of the moment. "Because only with the effort", he says, "can you understand what world you belong to"

"I'm a workaholic only because preparing a lot gives me confidence." And indeed, the resume of Paola Calliari, actress and dancer, 25 years old, born in Trento, makes an impression. She is single ("As a girl I used to tell my mother that boyfriends were a waste of time"), determined and a perfectionist. She has been practicing artistic gymnastics since the age of 7, contemporary dance since she was 15 and continues to attend courses around the world, from New York to Jerusalem, from Canada to India.

After small parts on TV, as in the fiction A step from heaven 3, it is about to arrive on the big screen with two films: The Startup, in cinemas, and, from 13 April, Moglie ehusband.

Paola Calliari

"Dance. In Jerusalem, the teacher once told me: "God did not give you feet to dance" ". What effect did it have on you to live in a country that is perpetually under attack? “I went to study dance, but I learned a lot. I understood what true fear is, but I also got used to it. You touch the anger, the war closely. Take the bus and think about where to sit. Reasons more about what it means to live. And, once I got home, I deeply appreciated what I have ».

Photo: Francesca Marino

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