Grazia and Filorga together for an event that celebrates beauty
Grazia and Filorga together for an event that celebrates beauty

At the Marionnaud Perfumery, in Via Buonarroti 5, in Milan, Filorga presented its new supreme regenerating treatment with the products of the NCTF® line: fifteen minutes of total relaxation for a new beauty routine that is unprecedented.


From cleansing to hydration, during the event the clients experienced the regenerating, detoxifying and illuminating power of the lotion, serum and cream on their skin.

Are you curious to discover all the steps of an effective and fast beauty routine at the same time? Look at the gallery with the step by step treatment and the photos with our exceptional model, the blogger Sonia Grispo of Trend and the city.

First step: cleansing with the Solution Micellaire Anti-AgeThe ideal product - as the Filorga beauty experts explain to us - is the Solution Micellaire Anti-Age: it performs a make-up and cleansing action thanks to the micelles that remove all impurities in a single gesture and, at the same time, hydrates and soothes Skin. Micellar water is used for both eyes and lips. Like the cleansing mousse, it cleans deeply but without water. Its characteristics make it ideal for sensitive skin.


Second step: the Scrub & MaskThe Scrub & Mask, the re-oxygenating exfoliating mask, is applied to a clean and dry face as if it were a cream. After making the scrub, leave on to make the texture transform into an active treating mousse. How does it work? NCTF® stimulates cell regeneration and oxygen micro-bubbles are released to facilitate the breathing of asphyxiated skin. Once activated, the micro bubbles contained in the product carry the hyaluronic acid. As soon as the microbubbles disappear, rinse your face. The size of the pores is visibly reduced, while the skin texture is refined and smooth. The skin, re-oxygenated, shines with a new luminosity.


Third step: focus on the eyes with Eyes-AbsoluteThe third step of this regenerating beauty treatment includes Eyes-Absolute, a product designed for the eye area that acts at all epidermal levels, counteracting superficial, deep, fatigue and expression wrinkles. Among its pluses: a set of active ingredients that counteract the fall of the eyelashes and stimulate the synthesis of the anchoring structures plus a white pearl extract that gives a soft-focus effect and illuminates.


Fourth step: NCTF –ESSENCE® SUPREME REGENERATING LOTION This lotion glides on cleansed skin to provide maximum hydration, to revitalize it and to prepare it for subsequent treatments. Contains Sage extract, with moisturizing power. Together with the AQUA-MX technology it retains water while an anti-pollution polysaccharide carries out a detoxifying and revitalizing action. Pour the product onto the palm of the hand and apply, with light pressure, all over the face, including the eye contour.


Fifth step: NCTF-INTENSIVE®: SUPREME REGENERATING SERUMThe serum is a must for the beauty routine: it fights wrinkles thanks to the encapsulated retinol, a real collagen and elastin booster while the stabilized vitamin C for a progressive release increases the brightness. Finally, it improves the tone with the plant DNA coming from the wheat germ. A few drops of product are enough to obtain the desired result.

Sixth step: NCTF-REVERSE®: SUPREME REGENERATING CREAMEnriched with Shea butter, it acts on wrinkles with the help of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the production of natural hyaluronic acid, while organic silicon plus alginic acid stimulate the synthesis of endogenous collagen. Not only that: vitamin A has a renewing effect while H restructures the skin and E, together with polyphenols, has a detox action. Instead of the cream, you can use the new NCTF-REVERSE MAT®: SUPREME REGENERATING FLUID: it is a lighter solution but, at the same time, super nourishing.


Look at the gallery with all the photos of the Grazia & Filorga event at the Marionnaud Perfumery, in Via Buonarroti 5, in Milan.


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