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IKEA wardrobes - the most beautiful models
IKEA wardrobes - the most beautiful models

There is no diamond that holds, a wardrobe - full - is definitely a woman's best friend. If you are looking for the right one for you, here are the most beautiful proposals signed by IKEA

Is a large, roomy, beautiful wardrobe that clearly reflects - and not only in content - your personality one of your home decor dreams?

IKEA offers many different models for inspiration and style, taste and size, all united by the possibility of internal or external customization, to really "build" your own wardrobe closet like a tailored suit.

Discover them all with us.

PAX: one cabinet, 1000 configurations

More than a simple "wardrobe", PAX it is a real "wardrobe system" capable of molding itself to the needs - and tastes - of each of us like a real glove. How? Starting from a "naked" structure, in standard sizes, which can be customized inside and out, giving life to countless variations and configurations. Hinged or sliding doors, neutral shades or dark wood, drawers, clothes rails, pull-out baskets, shelves, handles or knobs: you will have to choose everything. What more could you want?


ASKVOLL: essential with an extra touch

If you are looking for a wardrobe with small dimensions, with a clean and "fresh" look that does not leave any design details to chance, ASKVOLL is the one for you. The wooden structure with contrasting doors is in fact embellished with modern groove handles that will certainly not go unnoticed. In combination with the chest of drawers of the same series, it really makes a good impression, doesn't it?


TYSSEDAL: with a classic and country look

For the most romantic bedrooms TYSSEDAL it really is ideal. The massive feet, the structure with classic details and with that touch of country is also ideal for all those who do not give up a bit of shabby (chic) ​​in their life.


HEMNES: Nordic with no frills

Traditional, solid, massive and with that touch of Nordic style that every IKEA lover adores. HEMNES, with its sliding doors and stained painted surface, it is ideal for those looking for a wardrobe full of character and authenticity.


ERVALI: like having a shop in the bedroom

Then there is the series ELVARLI, made up of modular open elements, to always have everything in view, yes, but perfectly in order.


UNREDAL: ideal for guests

The small size and the glass doors make the wardrobe closet UNREDAL ideal to complete the furnishing of the guest room if necessary. And when not needed it becomes a convenient "showcase" for everything.


TRYLIS: minimal and chic

A wardrobe with a clean, minimal and chic look, which looks good in practically any environment. TRYLIS is the ideal wardrobe for the undecided and for those who are used to changing style as the seasons change: it will adapt to your every change of mood without ever getting tired.


BRUSALI: like that of the grandmother

Here is the right wardrobe for those who do not give up a touch of tradition. BRUSAL, with its solid structure in solid wood, the feet and the frames of the panels, renews the classic wardrobe of our grandmothers with the unmistakable IKEA style. To love to madness.


BRIMNES: also suitable for mini spaces

Is there little space in the bedroom? No problem, there is BRIMNES, the IKEA wardrobe perfect also for mini spaces. In fact, its reduced depth allows it to truly adapt to any environment, even to impossible ones. Seeing is believing!


Photo Credits: IKEA

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