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Ten star crops to replicate
Ten star crops to replicate

Do you want to try a new hair crop? Take inspiration from the stars, with the ten looks we have selected for you

From the high chignon to the ponytail to the braid, in all variations, the stars love to show off their hair gathered with glam hairstyles capable of enhancing the face and the beauty look.

Collected hair of the stars: the chignon

Whether tall, soft or messy, the chignon is a timeless hairdo. Divas like it because it is easy to make and is ideal for both the red carpet and more informal situations. On the red carpets we saw tall and neat buns, like the model's Jasmine Sanders or slightly tousled - the hair look preferred by Palermo olive - finally low and enriched with accessories that give a really precious touch to the hair style. Among our favorites is the hair look chosen by Lily Collins which enriched the crop with a small side braid. To copy!

Hair collected with side or crown braids

There are those who prefer a comfortable hairstyle placed on the side, those who instead wear a crown braid to highlight the face and those who, finally, opt for box braids. There is not only one way to wear the braid but one thing is certain: the stars love it!

Collected hair: the ponytail

Whether the hair is divided by rubber bands or wrapped around the hairline, the high ponytail is one of the must-have hairstyles among Hollywood divas. The latest trend? Match it with the bangs.

Browse the gallery and let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful looks of the moment.

Collected hair of the stars: 10 hairstyles to replicate

dallas howard capelli raccolti
Bryce Dallas Howard divides the tail into multiple sections using black rubber bands. Why We Love It: It's an unusual way to wear the ponytail. In addition, the actress combines the hairstyle with a long and bold fringe that gives even more grit to the crop.
Emily Ratajkowski capelli raccolti
Box braides are increasingly an evergreen trend. The hairstyle - much loved by the super model and actress Emily Ratajkowski - has lost its more aggressive connotation to transform into a hairdo that frames the face. Why we like it: it enhances the beauty of the face that is in the foreground and is a perfect type of braid for those with medium and medium-long hair.
Jasmine Sanders capelli raccolti
Model Jasmine Sanders chooses a high chignon, a hairdo that is perfect both on the red carpet and for more informal occasions. Why we like it: it is one of the most popular hairstyles because it is easy to do and also allows you to play with your imagination. For example, why not choose a messy finish with tufts left free on the sides?
jennifer lopez capelli raccolti
Jennifer Lopez doesn't miss one. Here she wears a semi-crop that leaves the tuft free on the front. Why we like it: the semi-gathered hairstyle is apparently the simplest hairstyle, but be careful because it must be studied in detail. Prefer it when the hair is not too difficult to tame.
Jessica Alba capelli raccolti
The most playful hairstyle? The high ponytail, like the one sported by Jessica Alba. Why We Love It: The actress wrapped a tuft of hair at the root of the crop. To copy!
Jessica Chastain capelli raccolti
Jessica Chastain loves elegant hairstyles that can bring out her complexion. In addition to the red nuance that is enchanting, the crown braid proves to be the most glamorous choice for important occasions. Why We Love It: The crown braid is very feminine and fits all hair types. Better, however, if the hair is smooth.
Lilly Singh capelli raccolti
Do you have very thick and long hair? Create a side braid, like vlogger Lilly Singh does. Why we love it: the braid that falls softly on one shoulder has its own undoubted charm. If you want to give the finish more grit, add some brushstrokes of color.
Lily Collins capelli raccolti
The best way to enhance a high bun? Add a small braid to the side. Lily Collins hair style is passed with flying colors! Why we like it: The "rock" variants of the most classic bun are always a source of inspiration.
olivia palermo capelli raccolti
Here is a perfect example of a messy bun, or when the mess is artfully created. Olivia Palermo knows how to enhance hair color. Why We Like It: It's not a demanding hairdo and it's definitely cool.
Sofia Carson capelli raccolti
Are you looking for a harvest for a special evening? Create a low chignon with the hair wrapped around themselves and add a precious accessory, just like actress and singer Sofia Carson does. Why we like it: the accessory with stones is also very popular with stylists. Useful for personalizing the hairstyle, it gives a precious touch to the finish.

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