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How to survive groups on WhatsApp (without offending anyone)
How to survive groups on WhatsApp (without offending anyone)

You ended up in yet another very active WhatsApp group and now you have to survive: we give you seven directions to succeed without offending anyone

There should be a law, or at least an App, that prevent the creation of WahtsApp groups without the approval of all participants: end up treacherously e against their will it is in fact attributable to one of the main ones plagues of life 2.0, and it's much more common than people think.

Whether it's the girls you follow the pilates course, of the former high school classmates who decide to do a reunion, or the group of people you were in with vacation in Formentera in 2002 it matters little: the lowest common denominator is that - if you wanted to keep in touch - you would surely have already done so, and finding yourself in a WhatsApp group in which you do not recognize half of the phone numbers because you have never saved them in memory says a lot about your interest in them.

From there to be targeted with notifications and unsolicited updates is a moment, but the good news is that, with a few tweaks, surviving is possible.

We explain how in the gallery

How to survive WhatsApp groups

As simple as drinking a glass of water, polite in its own way (participants can't know that you have silenced the conversation), not irreversible: as soon as you end up in an unwanted WhatsApp group, but which you cannot leave so as not to lose face, the first thing to do is to temporarily block any notification. You can choose between eight hours, a week or even a year, through the "Mute audio" option: if you want to go back, just select "Activate audio" on the specific group. In this way you will save yourself from the barbaric horde of messages, photos and emoticons that abound in groups like pollen in spring.
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If you don't want to run out of storage space on your smartphone, prevent it from automatically saving all those images that are sent to WhatsApp groups and that - in addition to not being of interest to you - take up precious memory. Select the specific group, and under "Save media to Camera Roll", choose the "Never" option: in this way you will avoid finding close-ups of your classmate's newborn daughter in first grade while you are showing someone the photos of your weekend in Berlin, with the consequent risk of (very dangerous) misunderstandings.
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The Marzullian-style quote is not accidental, given that - unless you are interested in actively participating in the group you ended up in (but you would not be here browsing this gallery) - one of the tricks to survive is to wisely dose your appearances and their interventions. If you have silenced the notifications, in all probability you will notice the exchange of messages late, when the majority has now intervened to have their say: it is at that point that you can give your contribution through an emoticon or a neutral and circumstantial phrase that it does not stimulate neither adhesion nor dissent. Do it every now and then just so as not to be too snobbish, and trust me: your contribution will magically fall on deaf ears.
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It happens, especially with people who don't usually hang out or who haven't seen each other for a long time, that the points of view and opinions are sometimes very, too different. As you scroll through the long list of messages, photos, memes and so on (which you will have missed as you have rightly silenced the notifications), if you come across a sentence or a comment that bothers you, read and move on, why attack worrying about WhatsApp is not only useless, it is also harmful to your mental health. Think about it for a moment: if until today you have ignored these people, there must be a reason … right?
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You don't want it done to yourself. Ergo, if you decide to intervene in a conversation with the other participants, do not break a sentence into a thousand micro-messages, and avoid like the plague content that can annoy or that you find funny only you and two other people within a hundred kilometers. The etiquette of WhatsApp groups in these cases categorically prohibits the triad composed of sex, religion and politics: if you do not like walking on eggshells, do not fall into temptation, and leave your personal provocations to chats with close friends, in degrees to understand them and laugh at them as well.
It happens that sometimes - despite your strategies to avoid this unfortunate moment - someone in the WhatsApp group will sooner or later bring you up asking you a question or requesting your intervention, and at that point you will no longer be able to ignore it. Do not fall victim to panic, take a deep breath and try to be courteous, quick and above all concise: the more concise your answer will be, the less it will give rise to other requests, so you can return to ignore the various useless exchanges that animate with extreme serenity. the chat.
The virtual Titanic in which you find yourself entangled can (and must) be abandoned, but to plunge back into the sea of ​​freedom with a double pike you have to wait for the right moment. Generally these are chats with a purpose (see each other again at a dinner, or lunch), and nothing prevents you from leaving the group once this has been achieved… regardless of whether you have introduced yourself or not. If, on the other hand, it is a group that tends to extend well beyond the objective for which it was formed, roll the dice and start again: on the other hand - if you have come this far - the main tricks to avoid succumbing to you know how to handle this rampant evil like real PROs.

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