Paolo Stella and Swatch: in full motion
Paolo Stella and Swatch: in full motion

We spent a day with Paolo to discover the new one

Swatch SKIN Collection

Actor and influencer, Paolo Stella it is in constant motion. Between a trip, a project and a new challenge, he never gets bored.

We spent a day with him to discover the new line Swatch SKIN Collection, the new collection of watches of the Swiss brand among the thinnest and lightest ever. The inspiration starts and evolves from the concept of movement, a theme particularly dear to a guy like Paolo.

His style is relaxed, he does not like to take himself too seriously and prefers to mix classic garments with others that are trendy, playful and, why not, colorful. Watch Swatch SKIN it is the right accessory, to be worn double or single, depending on the look and the occasion.

Discover Paolo's combinations and tips for wearing Swatch SKIN 24 hours a day.


Director of photography: Elisabetta Marzetti

Production: Sara Moschini and Francesca Crippa

Grooming: Livia Pirola

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