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10 good reasons for a weekend in Bristol, England
10 good reasons for a weekend in Bristol, England

Home of Banksy and Massive Attack, if you have never been to Bristol we give you ten good reasons to visit it

And the home of Banksy and Massive Attack, the city of Balloon Festival and that of Clifton Suspension Bridge, the suggestive suspension bridge.

And as if that weren't enough, in addition to having an airport a few kilometers away (where low cost airlines also arrive!), B.ristol is a city made to measure for "young people", between universities, parks and gardens, always open places to sit for a good beer in company and listen to live music, gyms and circus art schools (not surprisingly, it was named UK's European City of Sport of 2017).

In south west of England, 110 square kilometers of city, complete with a river, the Avon, is between the cities where you live best in Great Britain.

Curiosities for TV series fans: Skins is mostly set and shot right here.

So here it is ten good reasons to visit Bristol, from art to music, to events, food and its surroundings.

You can find them in the gallery.

England, 10 good reasons to visit Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge credits Paolo Ferla
The suspension bridge - 75 meters above the river level - is the symbol of the city. Set in the rock, it is absolutely not to be missed. Get there with Bristol Insight, the open-air bus with guide that will show you the curiosities of the historical sites of different parts of the city. Cross the bridge, take lots of photos, then visit Clifton, a chic neighborhood surrounded by greenery. Alternatively, if you have time and comfortable shoes on your feet, choose the self-guided walk available on the bridge website: just a download and you are already among the trees of the surrounding nature to find the perfect angle for a breathtaking photo memory. (credits: Paolo Ferla)
murales Bristol
You won't even have to go looking for the murals. It will be enough to walk around the city to admire all kinds of them, but if you want to discover curiosities about the works and authors, take part in the Where The Wall guided tour (but there is a specific one on Banksy), held on Saturdays and Sundays.. The artist who has undoubtedly left his mark the most, at least for his name, is Banksy - who was born in Bristol - but the "fashion" exploded when the Municipality attracted the most important world street artists to the English city. So keep your eyes peeled, especially in Park street, Strokes Crof, Easton, Fushponds. You will find giant gorillas, a wolf in a plaid shirt, lovers "well hung", women with children and a jesus who dances the break-dance upside down.
Casamia ristorante Bristol
Markets, street food, restaurants, pubs of level: without a doubt the gastronomic panorama of Bristol is varied, for all budgets and all tastes. And most importantly, it is constantly developing. For a gourmet experience just take the Top 100 British restaurants according to the Times and choose between Casamia (which also has a Michelin Star), Adelina Yard, Bulrush, The Ethicurean and The Pony and Trap, which is technically a pub with a kitchen, proof of how fundamental the brewing culture is for Bristol, which is also home to numerous producers. To discover all the flavors of the city, book the EatWalkTalk Bristol Food Tour: two hours, for a total of 10-12 tastings of typical local products. Or get lost in the St Nicholas Market, where you can choose from all kinds of street food, mostly international. As a dessert, try the thrill of molecular ice cream: vanilla, chocolate and fruity flavors are liquid and in a glass bottle and with liquid nitrogen they turn into a creamy ice cream.
musica concerto bristol
If the music is not 24 hours a day, we are short of it. From afternoon to evening, it is not uncommon to stroll through the streets of the city center and listen to the notes of singers and instrumentalists leaving the premises. Genres? The most diverse, including reggae, dubstep, drum & bass. Without of course forgetting trip hop, a genre born in Bristol in the nineties: a pleasant mix of electro and psychedelic music, dub, hip hop, underground notes, English house and a touch, not very rare, of soul and jazz. To be spoiled for choice go to King street, Gloucester road, Stokes Croft, Park street, Old Market and North street. And as Babaiola, a start up dedicated to LGBT travel and entertainment, advises, Bristol is one of the most interesting cities for entertainment dedicated to everyone.
Museo scienza Bristol
Being equipped with a practical k-way is always better, to be able to continue visiting the city as if nothing had happened. Whether as an alternative or as a planned stop, Bristol's museums will not disappoint you. Do not miss the Bristol City Museum, where you can admire Egyptian mummies, the history of dinosaurs and that of nature, the shipyard of the Underfall Yard, the Arnolfini center for contemporary arts, discover contemporary design at the M-Shed and become children again at the science museum, between interactive and multimedia games that involve all the senses. Inside there is also a planetarium that shows the constellations as the seasons change.
bristol international balloon fiesta
It is held every year, in August (in 2017 from 10 to 13), and attracts tens of thousands of tourists and onlookers. Demonstrations, markets, side events, shows and mega barbecues in company are scheduled, but the best moment will be when, with the nose up and the eyes towards the sky, the more than 150 balloons will rise from the ground at the Ashton Court Estate, historic park just ten minutes from Bristol city center.
Cheddar Gorge bristol
Not just Bath, less than twenty minutes by train. Or Cardiff, about an hour away. As Visit Bristol advises, once landed you can rent a car - driving in reverse, as in the rest of England, but you will get used to it in a few minutes - and discover the dozens of green areas around the city. Like Leigh Woods, a nature reserve rich in flora and fauna, not far from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. A good destination for those who enjoy mountain biking. Lovers of photography and rocky landscapes instead head to Cheddar Gorge (south of Bristol), a large limestone gorge more than three kilometers long and 140 deep. To visit the Gough's Cave and the Wookey Caves. To the east of the city are the hills of the Cotswolds, while not far from Cardiff is the Brecon Beacons National Park. If yours is a multi-stage trip, perhaps to get to Liverpool, spend two days at Snowdonia, one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe: its landscapes will leave you breathless.
teatro bristol
On 3 March, the Bristol Improv Theater (or BIT), Britain's first improvisational theater, opened. Before, actors of this genre used to meet on the street or in some clubs on St Paul's Road and in the Clifton district, but from today you can see them in action in a real one hundred seat theater, complete with a bar. A new space also open to the community, complete with a rehearsal room and offices for creatives and start-ups.
In 2018 Bristol will have a few fewer yards and a few more innovations. Starting with the Guildhall, the first five-star hotel in the city, built in a historic and protected building - just think that the dungeons and prisons will become the changing rooms for the luxury spa and gym. Then, in the north of the city, Wave Bristol will be born, a park where it will be possible to surf, complete with sensory gardens, vegetable gardens and shops. And in 2019 the Bristol Arena will inaugurate: 12,000 seats and over one hundred events a year, from music to entertainment shows and sports.
aeroporto Bristol
Does it seem little to you? Not having to travel more than an hour by bus or train to get to a location is not a trivial matter, especially when the visit must be completed in a weekend. Not only national airlines (primarily British Airways) arrive at Bristol Airport, but also low cost airlines: if you are lucky, a flight from Bergamo Orio al Serio also costs 20 euros. From Rome, on the other hand, there is EasyJet.

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