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Why you should use face primer
Why you should use face primer

What is the face primer used for? And why should it be used? Here are all its secrets revealed

What is the face primer? It is a make-up base to be spread all over the face to create the "perfect canvas" for your make up.

From the generally liquid or fluid formula, the face primer goes to "to fill"visibly i enlarged pores and i signs of aging, also managing to "flatten" imperfections, making the skin smooth.

Depending on the type, the face primer is also able to correct the skin tone and make it velvety. The extra detail? It makes the makeup last all day and gives us a wow effect better than any "beauty filter".

Find out below why you should use the face primer.

1. Makes the skin velvety

The primer is able to instantly transform the texture of the skin, making it so velvety that you will hardly be able to stop stroking. But be careful, in no way the primer replaces the moisturizer, which must always be applied first.

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2. Makes applying foundation easier

Making the skin velvety, thanks to its particular texture, the face primer facilitates the application of the base, for a flawless effect without effort. In no time you will be Instagram-ready.

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3. Makes makeup last longer

The primer "clings" to the skin and in the same way acts as a grip for make-up, which is why applying the face base ensures an extreme duration of the make-up even when it's hot and / or you spend many hours outside. Party girl warn …

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4. Avoid the shiny effect

In the mattifying variant, the face primer "absorbs" excess sebum, leaving skin dull for a long time. Here is the secret to shine with your own light!

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5. Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores

Maximizing make-up performance and your va-va-voom factor.

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6. Minimize the appearance of the signs of aging

Wrinkles, signs? Adieu! Don't be like Victoria Beckham, enjoy smiles and laughter by applying the face primer.

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7. Corrects skin tone

Primers are often enriched with corrective pigments. Green ones correct redness, lilac ones awaken the complexion, pink ones brighten and peach ones neutralize greenish tones. In short, better than relaxing coloring books.

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8. Give a healthier look

Haven't you slept for days? Choose a reviving primer and give yourself the illusion of being fully rested. But then, remember to really rest.

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9. Makes you look younger

Thanks to the smoothing power of the primer, the cutest kids will ask you what time you leave school to invite you out for an ice cream.

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10. Gives a naturally radiant look

Not shiny, not greasy, just radiant and dazzling like a comet. YAY!

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The best face primers of the moment

Now that you know all the face primer series, find out what they are the best for all needs.

From the smoothing primer to the specific one for pores passing through the corrective one, the organic one and the moisturizing one, it's time to choose your favorite.

The best face primers of the moment

primer viso migliore kat von d
Based on water, aloe vera, jojoba and shea, this face primer moisturizes and smoothes the skin. It can be mixed with foundation to make it lighter.
Easy-to-apply oil-free formula, ideal for creating the perfect canvas and correcting skin tone. Available in different shades, in the lilac variant it is useful to contrast the yellowish tones of the complexion.
primer viso migliore chanel
Multitasking face base that can be applied both before and after applying the foundation to make the skin radiant.
primer viso migliore kiko
Base Sublime and revives the complexion by dressing it with a thin luminous film.
primer viso migliore dior
Extreme hold and perfection for the face primer of the French maison.
primer viso migliore benefit
A real miracle in a tube for the face primer of the San Francisco brand, specific to camouflage the appearance of pores and fix make-up.
primer viso migliore mac cosmetics
With 50 sun protection filter, antioxidants, minerals, fetto, potassium and red and brown algae extracts, this primer protects the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long time.
primer viso migliore make up for ever
Matte and smooth face effect for the professional brand primer. This product is declined in many variations designed for every make-up need.
primer viso migliore bio neve cosmetics
Face base based on mineral ingredients with a vegan formula, without silicones and petrolatum. With its illuminating properties, it is also available in a matting version.
primer viso migliore nars
Oil free and mattifying primer, this primer also hides the appearance of enlarged pores.
primer viso migliore sephora
A face base that includes encapsulated pigments that break when applied, making the face more homogeneous and radiant.
primer viso migliore smashbox
One of the most famous primers in the world and one of the first to come out of photographic studios to smooth the skin of every woman. Photshop effect guaranteed!
primer viso migliore tony moly
A face balm enriched with extracts of egg white, wine vinegar and oil. Makes the face extremely velvety and perfected, the super fun golden egg-shaped pack.
primer viso migliore urban decay
Soft focus effect primer for porcelain skin with the new face primer from the rockiest American cosmetic house.
primer viso migliore yves saint laurent
Blur effect for this YSL face base that brightens, revives and sublimates the complexion.
primer viso migliore smashbox olio
A special formula that includes 50% oil and 50% primer, for a healthier, younger and more radiant effect.
pimer viso migliore too faced
Silicone-free formula for the face primer that removes the signs of fatigue thanks to coconut water and ingredients based on probiotics and revitalizing substances.
primer viso migliore collistar
Silky and smooth skin with the face base of the Italian brand, specific for erasing imperfections and signs of aging.

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