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La Mer beauty look: how to do it with the advice of skincare artist Clyde Johnson
La Mer beauty look: how to do it with the advice of skincare artist Clyde Johnson

How to create a perfect La Mer beauty look: the interview with Clyde Johnson, Head of Skincare Artist La Mer

His job is to take care of women's skin and to do so he travels continuously, from the United States to Brazil from Singapore to Milan where we at met him. Clyde Johnson, Head of Skincare Artist La Mer, has a decidedly revolutionary approach to beauty. We tell you about it, together with its beauty secrets.


He loves Italy - it is one of the first things he told us - and the Italian lifestyle is a source of inspiration for him. As is the lifestyle of women in New York, her adopted city.

“There is no single type of woman - says Clyde - and each country has its own particularities. I understood this by traveling and meeting make-up artists and consumers from all over the globe. For example, the Orientals pay particular attention to the bright and clear complexion of the skin, while in Los Angeles a glowy make-up is the most popular. Italian women? They are like Brazilians: attentive to make-up, competent and very self-confident ».

Clyde, can you tell us about your work as a Skin Artist for La Mer?The starting point of a “La Mer look” and of my work is that any skin in every situation - whether you go to a party or on a red carpet, as in everyday life - is always in the foreground. Let's talk about something that goes beyond make-up. The foundation, for example, must naturally cover the skin and must adapt to the characteristics of each face. The goal is to improve the skin, not hide it. The approach also changes in the application of color. We skin artists don't ask consumers to adapt to the product; it is the product that must be adapted to the consumer.


How can we achieve a "La Mer look"?The first thing to do is to carve out some time in the morning and ask yourself "how is my skin today"? The reason is clear: needs change not only from season to season, but also from week to week. So, the first step is to stop, touch the skin, pay attention to its state - is it hydrated or dry? - and then mix the products, playing with the textures: it's something I really love to do.


We are now close to summer: what changes this season?During the summer the skin is more exposed to the sun which can potentially damage it. My advice is to mix The Renewal Oil with The Moisturizing Soft Cream and apply only after The Treatment Lotion: the respective textures, mixed together, are fantastic! It is also valid advice when you are on the plane for a long time.

How to best use lotion and oil?The lotion is a beauty innovation whose potential is still well discovered. Many people do not know what it is for, but we know very well that it has a lot of benefits because on the one hand it moisturizes, on the other it has a filling action, highlighting the light of the face. The oil, on the other hand, is truly a multitasking product that can also be mixed with the mask for the night. Speaking of masks, in the summer I recommend applying one to the face every day, so that it can soothe and moisturize the skin.


Beauty routine: can you give us some advice to make the most of the characteristics of La Mer products?I would say that to wake up the skin of the face and give a real infusion of liquid energy, the ideal is to apply The Treatment Lotion and then The Renewal Oil: its light texture makes it perfect for spring and summer. Everyone will find their ideal mix, also based on the result they want to achieve.

Do you want to discover all the fundamental steps to prepare the skin for make-up? Watch the video with the advice of the skin artist.

Make up: what are the mistakes to avoid and how can we enhance the beauty of the face?Never overdo the quantity. Often too much foundation or too much illuminating is applied while the skin can be naturally brighter thanks to an exfoliation. Ultimately, the secret is first and foremost to have beautiful skin. Which can then be enhanced by a touch of highlighting on the cheeks, for example with the new The Bronzing Powder, a luminous compact earth. In addition, both on the face and on the body you can apply the new The Glowing Body Oil, a moisturizing oil with small golden flakes, to give light to the exposed skin. After making a face mask and moisturizing it with the oil, I recommend trying the new one Matte Lotion which is a product with a double soul: on the one hand it has a rich texture, on the other it leaves the skin fresh and with an opaque finish.

Look in the gallery for all the La Mer products to use for a flawless beauty routine with Clyde Johnson's beauty tips.

La Mer products for a flawless beauty routine

The Revitalizing Moisturizing Serum is a refreshing treatment that infuses the skin with the active ingredients of the sea and the regenerating energies of the legendary Miracle Broth.
The Moisturing Soft Creme penetrates deeply to replenish hydration and strengthen the skin. Renewed and energized, the face appears radiantly young.
You can mix the cream or lotion with The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20 to hydrate and protect even more skin that is softer and more compact.
The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20 is a product different from the others thanks to the presence of the Miracle Both complex and the ability of this product to perfectly replicate both the texture and the color of the skin.
If you love light textures, you can mix one or two drops of The Renewal Oil with the foundation.
The Renewal Oil is a multi-function elixir that offers a sensory experience with high anti-aging benefits and transformative treatment properties. Multi-function and bi-phase, it is a luxurious formula created with the oils of the Miracle Broth ™. It is also suitable for direct application on the body and hair.
Finally, to moisturize the eye area and hide dark circles, Clyde Johnson recommends mixing a little cream with The Concealer Skincolor La Mer.
The Concealer Skincolor is a creamy concealer, infused with the regenerating Miracle Broth, which blends into the skin and offers light coverage.
Stake the product with your fingers for a natural result.
The Bronzing Powder, which blends perfectly with the skin, enhances the natural brightness of the face. Unique shade composed of four shades that adapt to every complexion, defines and illuminates the features of the face. A sprinkling of shining gems gives a sunkissed complexion that simulates the effect of the sun's rays. On sale from May 2017.
The final touch is The Glowing Body Oil, a moisturizing oil with small golden flakes, to be applied after the sun or to give light to exposed skin. Contains a rich combination of oils and Vitamin E. On sale since May 2017.

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