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Jennifer Aniston's diet and her secrets for staying fit
Jennifer Aniston's diet and her secrets for staying fit

Avocado, chicken and lots of vegetables: here's what Jennifer Aniston eats every day and her secrets for keeping her figure

Jennifer Aniston he has always had a perfect physique. And apparently without much effort.

The actress has always stood out for being appreciated by both male and female audiences and since the days of "Friends" every move was trendy, with thousands of women ready to imitate her style and look.

Even when she became Brad Pitt's wife, the fans didn't stop supporting her: while envying her, Jen represented the girl next door who had managed to conquer the most beautiful and sexiest man in the world.

Is it (also) thanks to his always perfect line?

In doubt, we went to literally peek at them on the plate.

This is what his diet consists of

Jennifer Aniston's diet

«My diet has no sacrifices, it is what makes me eat well all year round. It's pretty simple: eat more fruits and vegetables possible, keep the sugar level low, drink a lot water and sleep well».

These, in short, the actress's advice to stay fit and healthy without any sacrifice.

But in practice what does it consist of?

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What Jennifer Aniston eats for breakfast

First he drinks a glass of lukewarm water and lemon, followed by a type of breakfast that can vary according to cravings.

“Sometimes I take a smoothie with almond milk, bananas, cherries, protein powders of some kind, almonds, cocoa and any kind of antioxidant that I can think of. Other times I eat boiled eggs and avocado toast, with a little coconut oil, salt and pepper. Or oatmeal (oat mixture) with a little egg white in the middle ».


What Jennifer Aniston eats for lunch and dinner

The star's nutrition is pretty simple and mostly made up of proteins and vegetables, who eats both lunch and dinner, in the form of mega salads or dishes based on meat or fish with a side of vegetables in abundance.

Only recently, since being with Justin Theroux, introduced the pasta in his diet - "I don't know whether to thank him or hate him for it," confessed the actress.

His favorite recipe? Spaghetti alla carbonara, in the variant with turkey cubes instead of pancetta.


The snacks

For Jennifer, it is essential to be able to eat too much fruit, which gives her the right amount of natural sugars she needs.

For this he tries to eat it away from meals, using it as a snack to break hunger.

He generally prefers one apple with some dried fruit, preferably walnuts or almonds.

The day off

Jennifer loves the Mexican food, as he admitted several times in several interviews.

That's why when he decides to transgress and indulge in some whim, he always ends up tortillas dipped in guacamole rather than any other type of fast food restaurant.

It is generally granted one day a week to eat whatever he wants.

How much sport does Jennifer Aniston do

To stay in shape it is not enough to follow a diet, but it is necessary exercise, to wake up the metabolism and burn more calories, as well as to keep the body toned.

Version also confirmed by Jennifer, who trains approx 5-6 days a week alternating cardio exercises, stretching, weights and yoga.

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