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How Clips works, Apple's social video editing app
How Clips works, Apple's social video editing app

Clips is an App to edit videos to share on social networks designed by Apple very easy to use: we explain how it works, what you can do with it and why download it

Clips is a video editing app launched by Apple (free on the App Store) this spring and the first thing to say is that it is very easy to use.

Extremely intuitive, allows you to create videos (on iPhone and iPad) by combining videos and photos (from the library or to be shot on the spot) and playing with awide range of visual effects additional, some of which are truly incredible, such as subtitles that are created live by choosing the appropriate function and recording a video in which we speak.

But also filters, graphics, emoticons and music, including brand new ones with the Disney and Pixar characters.

With update 1.1, in fact, Clips includes animated overlays of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy, and the Pixar protagonists Toy Story And Inside Out.

Here's how it's used:

clips disney

How to use Clips

You start by recording a video or taking a photo (using the red button), or by adding videos or photos from your image library (no matter when they were recorded).

At that point, using the icons at the top, you can add, in order, subtitles, filters, emoticons, graphics (all customizable with a tap) and, at the top right, the music - to be taken from your music library or to be chosen from those available to the App.

Subtitles are automatically recorded and written by Clips while the video is being shot and, again automatically, the App synchronizes its appearance on the screen with the rhythm of the speech, creating a perfect voiceover.

All individual video and photo clips can be moved and repositioned with drag and drop directly on the timeline below.

Once finished, you can share the result with friends or on social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

To upload it to Instagram Storiesinstead, you need to save the video on your roll and then share it by opening Instagram.

clips come funziona copia

A few tricks to use Clips better

Record without holding: to record a video without having to hold down the red button, just a touch and move it to the left. In this way the App will record until a new tap on the red button.

Reorder clips: you touch the clip to move and, holding it with your finger, move it to the new position.

Delete a clip: you remove it from the timeline by flipping it upwards.

Add an emoticon: if the emoticon you want to use does not appear in the emoticon page, select one, and after having done a tap on it, add the new one using the keyboard.

Make photos move: when you add a photo (by taking it from Clips or choosing it from the library), you can give it movement by zooming or moving it while holding down the red button with which you record videos. In fact, the entire movement we made to the photo will be saved in the timeline, just as if it were a video.

Edit a Live Title: if after recording a Live Title (subtitles) you want to modify its content, add punctuation, correct a word or insert an emoticon, scroll the video to the point where the subtitle to be modified appears, pause and tap on the writing. A window for editing will open.

Use the 3D Touch to see the preview: when choosing videos or photos from the library or before inserting an animated poster to a video, using the 3D Touch you can see a preview of it.

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