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Ljubljana Fashion Week: the best
Ljubljana Fashion Week: the best

We went to the Slovenian capital to discover the trends for next season

Be a Ljubljana it's a bit like being in a fairytale country. All the buildings in the center are perfectly restored, the river that flows between the triple bridge (Tromostovje) is deep green and people, especially at this time of year, have lunch and chat in the many cafes and restaurants along the river and in the inside of the characteristic streets. In short, a postcard.

We were at the last edition of the Ljubljana Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, an event that lasted three days (April 4-6) that made us discover local fashion and culture, in a country often labeled "only" as one of the greenest in Europe.

Not that this is a defect, on the contrary, but Ljubljana and Slovenia are also something else.


Local culture and fashion


Among the various shows we visited the showroom of Akultura, brand of Alenka Globočnik, where a dark and minimal aesthetic (the only colors used are black and white), is linked to punk and the music scene of the 80s, a period of particular turmoil in Slovenia.

We then moved to the multibrand store Wolfova 5. Here the owner told us how the average consumer has recently opened up to the latest trends.Balenciaga, with its strong and original aesthetic, for example, it was a good bet for the store. "I bought a few pieces", she says, "sure my most loyal customers wouldn't appreciate it. I was pleasantly surprised."

The new collections aim at eco-sustainability

atelier slovenia
Urban Terra Atelier

The designers have different ages and experiences, from the distinguished lady who never stopped creating unique pieces in her atelier despite the crisis, to student collectives still in their infancy. To confirm that the country of the former Yugoslavia is not a clean slate when it comes to tailoring, on the contrary, it has its own rather rich tradition.

borsa slovenia

The attention of most brands is directed towards new processing techniques and respect for the environment.

For instance, Urban Terra Atelier creates leather clothes using the peel of apples: “We are very attentive to the care of our planet and the nature that surrounds us. The difficulties encountered in the use of fake leather mainly concerned laser processing, where the material burned completely ", he says Mateja Benedetti, Creative Director of the brand.

"We researched and discovered this technique that allows you to create a very similar skin, using the peel of the fruit".

dalpaos slovenia

D’Alpaos it was another pleasant discovery. Unisex brand of Veneto, moves in an increasingly eco-sustainable direction, choosing natural materials and focusing on quality.

Finally, among the names to remember there is Peter Movrin, talent of Central Saint Martin - among the emerging favorites of Lady Gaga - which makes its strong point the search for unusual silhouettes and materials.

The presentation in Ljubljana ended with a silent catwalk where the only noise was that caused by the movement of the clothes themselves.

Peter Movrin

The best of the catwalks for Autumn-Winter 2017/18

We summarize the best of this three days in a selection of pieces seen on the catwalks.

MBFWJL: the best for F / W 2017

Young Squat
MBFWLJ Peter Movrin #26
Peter Movrin
Ivan Man
Juliaka Jahorvat
Milica Vukadinovic
Sofia Nogard
Urban Terra Atelier
Natasa Persuh MBFWLJ #09
Natasa Persuh
Xenia Design
D'Alpaos (Trippen shoes)

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