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Eyeglasses: the favorites of the stars
Eyeglasses: the favorites of the stars

From a "necessary" accessory to a super cool piece: even celebs go crazy for eyeglasses

Gone are the days when they were an accessory reserved for "nerds" (or nerds), today the glasses they have become a true must of the everyday look. This is demonstrated by the fact that more and more stars are choosing to wear them without fear, regardless of problems or not, and more and more "out of vanity". Marylin Monroe) but what is certain is that, thanks to the variety of models present, they are among the most popular accessories like it-bags and it-shoes, to change and match with your outfit.

The most loved by celebs? The "cat" and "butterfly" models, the favorites of Belen Rodriguez And Chiara Ferragni, but, the coolest are the Ray Ban aviators with light frames that drive super social media crazy Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid.

And again the Clumasters of Kristen Stewart and "Clark Kent" classics chosen by Eva Longoria And Selena Gomez, in short, there really is something for all styles!

And what faction are you? Be inspired by the eyeglasses of the stars:

Eyeglasses: celeb favorites

The classic aviator with light frame in the "sight" version by Ray Ban.
Like her colleague and friend Kendall, the model also chooses an aviator model with a barely noticeable frame.
Cat eye model with a retro charm with applications for the Italian influencer.
Walking around the Big Apple, the actress chooses the Clubmaster optical model by Ray-Ban.
The British model and actress also opts for Clubmasters with oversized frames.
Tortoiseshell effect squared frame.
For the star of Puerto Rican origins, a very chic "cat" model that perfectly matches the look.
Oversized and boxy, in Clark Kent style for the former Desperate Housewife.
Also for the Brazilian top, the classic Clubmaster by Ray Ban.
The Italian showgirl chooses a square model with a dark frame (by Dolce & Gabbana).
Round & maxi lenses and super light and invisible metal frame for the American actress.
Light frame also for the Victoria's Secrets model and angel
The singer chooses a maxi and butterfly frame, a classic!
The model sports a pair of glasses with rounded lenses and super light metal frames.
Eyeglasses with round lenses and silver metal temples that "blend" well with the colors of the splendid actress.
A classic for the singer: dark frame with rectangular lenses. Just add a layer of red lipstick and the effect is guaranteed.
The glasses chosen by the La La Land actress are rectangular.
Boxy and dark-rimmed - perfect with the wide-brimmed hat - for the This is Us actress.
Also look at the glasses chosen by the star of 50 shades, who knows what Mr. Gray would say?
For her new look, the singer opted for a sophisticated model with a square frame, very Mad Men style.
The very young actress sports a model with rectangular lenses.
The very young actress sports a model with square lenses
Bold frame and rounded shapes for the singer.
For the actress (in a moment of relaxation with her father) eyeglasses with rectangular lenses.
Very posh the butterfly model chosen by the Australian actress.

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